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ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate): an oil additive crucial to the life of an internal combustion engine using flat tappet style camshafts, non roller rocker arms or non roller overhead cam followers. if you are using SJ, SM, or newer type engine oils in a pre-1990 or pre-obd ll engine, you need ZDDP as an additive or you will destroy your engine.
zealot: a person emphatic about a cause irrespective of the direction it takes them.  no reasoning power left.  over the edge.
Zeke: the one before omega.
zinger: injected engine, lightweight rotating assembly, no balancer, no flywheel.  internal neutral balance.
zoolink: captain of the menagerie.
zoot: maximum. (see high zoot)
zyglo: a crack checking process using flouro dyes and black light to verify the integrity of steel and exotic metals where magnetic field "parts checking" is not possible because of size or location.

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