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warp speed: any speed beyond the speed of light.
water closet: shower.
wave: to wiggle something with microwaves.
way worn: used to the max.
way: the positive answer to no way.
waylaid: blind sided.
webmaster: website design engineer.
welding (spray transfer): spray transfer welding is used for shaft buildup cast iron repair, etc.
welding (thermal kinetic): welding in an oven with a temperature-controlled atmosphere surrounding the work piece.
what a peach: it's perfect.
what'cha on the doin' angle?: what are you doing?
whistle: turbocharger.
witch doctor: a person in a primitive society who uses magic to treat sickness and to fight off evil spirits
Wizard of Menlo Park: Thomas Alva Edison
whooff: generally describes a supercharger leaving the engine during engine failure.
whoopti: a full size 4-door passenger car lowered over top of polished 22" mag wheels and narrow sidewall tires. (see banana boat) (see Axiom "If it don't go, chrome it.")
wigged out: freaked out.
Willys Knight: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
window: a rod-shaped hole in an engine block.
Windy City: Chicago.
winged sprints: a pre-outlaw sprint car sporting a 6 x 6 wing during the crossover time from USAC sprints to World of Outlaw sprints.
wingit: warp speed without concern of positive direction.  when one wing of an airplane touches another.
wire wheel: cleans rust off old bolts and then throws them somewhere under the workbench at the speed of light.
witchcraft: manipulation/intimidation/domination.
wizard: a master of acclaimed trade. (see mohachon)
wobbly: anomaly on the funk.  (see anomaly)
WOO Sprint: fastest dirt car in the world. (see WOO)
WOO: World of Outlaws. (Sprint cars)
wood alcohol (methanol): a substance distilled from many substances including wood by-products.
woolly booger: a packing peanut.
wrench: a master mechanic.  not to be confused with Mr. Goodwrench.
wrist pin lock (tru arc): wrist pin locks are c-shaped, always face the snap ring lock ears towards the crankshaft. (see wrist pin lock (spirolock)
wrist pin lock (spirolock): spirolocks are made of high tensile steel flatwire wrapped twice to form a circle. standard (tru arc) pin locks fail under duress, bust and fall out, messing up the cylinder wall. A must in high compression/high rpm engines.

We'll be glad to correct any word or definition that appears incorrect or offensive.
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