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valve spring seat cup: a hardened steel cup that the valve spring sits in and slips snugly over the valve guide boss to keep valve springs from walking all over the head.
valve stem caps: hardened steel valve stem caps used on valve stems to dissipate heat and protect titanium valve stems.
valve stem keepers (10º): double the strength of a 7º keeper.
Valvoline (engine oil): clearly the best.
Vandelay Industries: manufacturer of latex products.
vaporized: became anti-matter before your very eyes.
variable valve timing: a system to hydraulically retard the camshafts in order to increase high-end engine torque and rpm.
VE (Volumetric Efficiency): the measurement of internal combustion engine flow characteristics to determine theoretical horse power. measurements needed to formulate VE:
* carburetor/injection air valve, flow rate data
* intake manifold flow rate data
* camshaft size data
* cylinder size/compression ratio
* cylinder head flow rate data (intake/exhaust ports)
* header (tube size/length/collecter/no collecter)
vegging: to assume the mental state of a vegetable; temporarily stepping away from the office of the mind. (see vegicating) (see chillin)
vegicating: vegging.
vegication: mental vacation.
Velie: an automobile built before the Dim Time.  (see Dim Time)
ventilate: to explode an engine block. (see window) (see whooff)
vice-grips: used to round off bolt heads. if nothing else is available, they can also be used to transfer intense welding heat to the palm of your hand.
viper: cop.
Von Dutch (Kenny Howard): 1929-1992. beatnik. custom pinstriper.
VTOL: vertical takeoff and landing.

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