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tag: child. (see chitlin) (see unit)
taking a bath: when the current culture makes a shift, all regular income is off until you can figure out what to sell or do.  2. a situation where total and complete financial ruin ensues.
talking heads: excitable chickens usually related to news reporting.
tangent: 1. to change suddenly to another line of action.   2. angling for something else.
tankin: going broke.
target: ocean-going fighter vessel.
taxicab: stock car. (see NASCAR)
TCB: Taking Care of Business.
TDC: top dead center. (piston at top of stroke)
tech: safety or technical inspection of a race car.
technofright: total oblivion to electronics, causing great fear to ensue.
tell tale tach: a tach with a spare needle used to record the highest engine rpm. (for the engine builder)
Texas: 1. fruit cake capital of the world.   2. fruit cakes come in all shapes, weights, and sizes.
TFJ: Top Fuel Jet.
the Before Time: a period of time at the end of the stone age until 1929. (see stone age)(see Dim Time)
the eighth wonder of the world: Boulder Dam. (Hoover Dam).
the operative: the plan.
the point: the front, direction in which a machine needs to head.
the skinny: the deal.
the theory of everything: string theory. (see string theory)
thingie: a goobah that looks useful yet it resides in its undefined state. (see goobah)
thrash: 1. wrenches at warp speed on a project. (see wrench) 2. attempting to align objects or people who refuse to come into alignment. (see Digital Froward Variance Compliance)
thrasher: a wrench at warp speed. (see wrench)
Thunder Chicken: a Ford Thunderbird.
thunker: single cylinder belt driven air compressor.
ti_ _-up broke: dead broke.
ti_ _-up: dead.
tiffany (Greek): the appearance of God.
TIG: Tungsten Inert Gas. (hand held wire feed)
time trial (circle track): each car must time trial for starting position.   time is recorded during two fast time trial laps to determine starting line up.  cars with similar times mesh together so during startup, no one car is greatly faster than the car beside it.
timing light: a stroboscopic instrument for illuminating grease buildup on crankshaft pulleys.   the attached leads are useful for becoming entangled in the fan of a running engine, rendering the entire instrument suddenly useless.
tip the can: add some nitromethane.
tire shake: bad happenings at the big end, tire bounce from elliptical down force created by severe cylinder compression.
titanium (TI): atomic weight 47.90.
tom custer: 1939 - 2010 veteran sprint car driver.
to the dirt: nosed in. crashed. not savable.
toolies: weeds, i.e. "off in the toolies". off the track surface and into the toolies.
top drawer: best.
Top Fuel: nitromethane burning racing paraphernalia.
top shelf: very best.
top wrench: maximum master mechanic.  not to be confused with Mr. Goodwrench.
torque (final engine): final main/rod bearing torque before oil pan is installed over rotating assembly.
torque (stretch bolt method): a process where bolt length is measured for final torque as opposed to SAE bolt torque.
tormentors: lawyers.
tortilla snapper: a child 4-7 years old.
toy: a Toyota.
track food: 1. current food at a race track.  2. local food. (see choke and puke)
trailer queen: a car that is trailered to a car show.
train wreck: complete cataclysmic diasaster.
translate: 1. instantaneous molecular displacement.  2. to move a physical distance without a car, train, or plane. (see demolecularization)
traps: timed lights at the big end. (see big end)
traitor: 1. one who betray's another's trust or is false to an obligation 2. one who commits treason
Trash Can: a Chevy Geo.
treason: 1. the offense of attempting to overthrow the government of one's country or of assisting its enemies in war 2. the betrayal of a trust
trible: a small furry animal in hyperspace.
trick: magnificent.  flawless.
trickosmiko: way trick. (see trick)
tripe: worthless nonsense. bull _ _ _ _. (see litany) (see manusia) (see diatribe)
triskaidekaphobia: the fear of 13.
triune: being three in one
tritium: a radioactive form of hydrogen with one proton and two neutrons in its nucleus and three times the mass of ordinary hydrogen.
troglodyte: prehistoric man, cave dwellers.
trouble light: the mechanic's own tanning booth; sometimes called a drop light, it's a good source of vitamin D, "the sunshine vitamin", which is not otherwise found under cars at night.   health benefits aside, its main purpose is to consume 75 watt light bulbs at about the same rate that 105-mm howitzer shells might be used during, say, the first few hours of the Battle of the Bulge.   more often dark than light, its name is somewhat misleading.
truck: stock car. (see NASCAR)
true roller: timing chain, a Cloyes original.
TRW: the Cleveland Capscrew Company.
Tucker: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
tuftriding: a pickling process to make a shaft surface harder. (see nitriding)
turning into a pumpkin: if you stay past midnight, you'll turn into a pumpkin.
turtur dove (latin): turtle dove known for its soft cooing sounds, not unlike the mourning dove, yet different.
tweech: a small undefined unit of measurement describing movement of graphics up, down, left, or right on a PC/CRT. (see tweechification)
tweechification: the art of moving a piece of graphics left, right, up, or down, one tweech at a time until positioned exactly where you want it. (see tweech) (see dibbit)
two-ton hydraulic engine hoist: a handy tool for testing the tensile strength of ground straps and hydraulic clutch lines you may have forgotten to disconnect.
Tyrone P. Jackson: guardian angel gone bad.

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