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SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers.
sand hog: New York City water tunnel workie.
sandbag: 1. slowing before the timing traps to avoid being disqualified in an E.T. race situation.    2. deliberately going slow to confuse the competitor. (see sleeper)
sand blasting: a process using sand as a medium to clean metal or wood objects before painting.
scarf: devour.
schatten: a shadow.  a spectre. (ger)
schism: 1. the act or process of dividing, discord 2. a formal division in or separation from a religious body.
schmectical: someone making a scene.
schmectoid: the offspring of a brainless male dolt.
schmectus: a brainless male dolt on the move.
schmendrick: a poor human soul.
schmleck: a brainless male dolt.
schmuck: a bag man.
Schmuckatelli: Joe the Ragman.
scratch: green money.
scuba: Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.
seapuppy: a furry velour blanket.
search & seize: to confiscate.
seat cover: a female riding shotgun in the adjoining automobile or truck. (see shotgun)
sectioned: a vehicle with the length altered.
self commencer: starter.
SEMA: Speed Equipment Manufacturer's Assocation formed in 1963, which is now, Specialty Equipment Market Association.
serfies: surface dwellers.
sh_ _ _ & giggles: for fun.
shadow hawk (chopper drone): UAV (unmanned aviation vehicle) a domestic surveillance drone coming to an american "peace officers" precinct near you ASAP 2012. (see draganflyer x6 drone)
shaft: 1. cylindrical object. 2. crankshaft. 3. camshaft. 4. oil pump driveshaft, etc…
shaker: a window AC unit.
shakey: no zoot. (see zoot) (see cheesy)
shakin': smokin'. (see smokin')
shaman: a priest or priestess who uses magic to cure the sick, to divine the hidden, and control events. (see witch doctor)
shape shifter: a comlara.
shazam: 1. far out.  2. unbelievable.  3. extraordinary.
sheet time: crash injury time.
sheila: girl (see gril)
shekhina: the supernatural presence of the glory of God.
shill: 1. one who acts as a decoy (as for a pitchman). 2. internet scam (see pitchman).
shotgun: 1. a Boss 429 Ford hemi engine.  2. to ride in the right front passenger seat.
shovit: a Chevrolet Chevette.
sideskirts: the lower half of ground effects; usually the rubber extending to the terra firma.
six pack: a triple 2-barrel carburetion package.
skins: bias belt tires.
slacker: a person who is delinquent in their duties.
slammed: a vehicle built close to the ground.
slammer: a 4-door Chevy dually. (see dually)
slamtrack: the non-crashworthy Amtrak passenger train.
slap happy: demon on money.
sleeper: a driver who assesses his position on a track even so much as tampering with his opponent, and 4 laps before the finish drives around him to take the lead lap. (see sandbag)
slider: 1. a quick fit.  2. a White Castle hamburger, loose ground beef sandwich heavily lubricated.   3. a special racing clutch that is designed to slip during the initial phase of a drag race.
slog: long haul. a steady, hard workload.
slowski: hello.
smog: smoke and fog. a word coined by the French scientist Dr. Harold Antoine Des Voeux in 1905 at a health symposium in London, England.
Smokey Bear: peace officer; generally state. (see peace officer)
smokin': full throttle, no tire shake.
smuckoangelo: head artisan.
snafu: situation normal, all fouled up.
snail mail: U.S. mail.
Snap-On gasket scraper: theoretically useful as a sandwich tool for spreading mayonnaise and peanut butter.
snarfty: covered in mung.
sneeze: a situation that occurs when valves are not seating or shutting properly. if the engine sports a compressor, cylinder pressure will cause the compressor to be blown off the engine, thus sneezing the compressor. (see cough) (see whoof) (see sports) (see compressor)
sniping: early 1900's game where you were usually left holding the bag.
snitt: 1. a state of agitation 2. a condition of the mind that ensues when you do not get your own way, causing latent maniacal tendencies to rear their ugly head (see pollusion) (see latent) (see maniacal)
snow flake man (Wilson a Bentley): 1880's documented discovery that no two snowflakes are alike.
snur (resznik): an unidentifiable pre-Adamic ooze.
SOHC: Ford 427 single overhead cam engine from 1969.
solder gun: for working with circuit boards and electrical components. (see propane soldering)
sonic cleaning: a cleaning solution dipping bath agitated with sound waves.
spaceificaton: the graduated art of putting 50 gallons of s_ _ _ in a 5 gallon bucket.
spam consumption: 264 cans of spam a minute 2012
special nightmare: a particularly unusual caustic situation. (see nightmare)
speedshifting: shifting on the fly using a severly modified transmission with straight cut gears and modified synchronizer flutes.
Sponge Bob Square Pants: a character who lives in a pineapple under the sea.
sponge: a 16"/17" tire.
spontaneous resumption: the coming to life after a frozen state.
sports: fully equiped with.
spot check: all hands on the table or in the air (hand check).
squealer: a person who betrays a secret or turns informer
Stanley Steamer: 1. an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time).  2. not to be confused with the current carpet cleaners.
step off: go away.
stock car: taxi cab. (see NASCAR)
stone age: after the cooling of the earth's crust until 33 A.D. (see the before time) (see Dim Time)
stovebolt: early Chevy six cylinder engine.
straight skinny: 1. what's going down for real.  2. the truth.
street machine: modified cars from 1966 to current.
street rod: modified cars from the beginning of time until 1948.
string theory: the movement of space and time; the theory of quantum math used to maintain all current events.
stroked: increased throw of rod pin journal from stock location on a crankshaft. (see crankshaft offgrinding)
stroker: an engine with the rod pin journal off ground or made to desired size from center line of the crankshaft.
stubborness: is a form of witchcraft (see witchcraft)
Studdies: Studebakers. (see Stude)
Stude: Studebaker. (see Studdies)
Studebaker Avanti: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Studebaker Lark: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Studebaker Rockne: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
stupid money: money spent without reason.
submerged arc: a MIG welder with the proper hardness wire at use. Resin flux is metered around the welding wire as the shield during operation.
subspace communicator: a transceiver device mounted externally on a humanoid ear.
subterfuge: any plan or action used to hide or evade.
suit: a banker.
sun chicken: a Pontiac Sunbird.
super nova: 1. wrong technology and a definite meltdown of all components in the foreseeable future. 2. the light and temperature of 4 billion earth suns during explosion; this event creates a black hole. (see China syndrome)
superfluous knothead: a maximum obstructionist.
supernatural: not molested by human hands.
symmetrical: balanced.
symmetry: correspondence of opposite parts in size, shape and position.

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