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rachet jaw: someone who runs at the mouth constantly. (see bench race) (see habichacate)
rack the throttle: accelerate from idle stop to wide open throttle stop.
RADAR: Radio Detecting And Ranging.
rag: a magazine.
rags: tires.
ragtop: convertible.
rail: a dragster.
rain crow: mourning dove.
range rat: dirt farmer.
rat: a big block Chevy.
rattler: a 6.2 GM diesel.
raycon: racoon.
reaper (fixed winged drone): UAV (unmanned aviation vehicle) 30,000 pound payload, unveiled 4/20/07. (see predator drone) (see global hawk drone)
red-light: to leave a stage light early.
redundancy: requires an immediate answer to verify understanding.
    * Know what I mean?
    * See what I'm talking about?
    * Hear what I'm saying?
    * Did you catch my drift?
    * Get my meaning?
    * Comprende?
    * with me on this?
    * see where I'm coming from?
         ... confused? (see yano)
refrigerator: an international travel-all, icebox.
regroup: the process after a thrash, of tool cleanup. (see thrash)
rent-a-crowd: borrowed crowd for a photo opp.
REO Speedwagon: a truck built before the Dim Time and during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Republic truck: a truck built before the Dim Time and during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
rex: a common brown rabbit.
RFC: Racers for Christ.
RFI: Radio Frequency Interference.
Rick Holonyak: inventor from Illinois who invented the first L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) 1962
Rickenbaker: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
rigg: stiff.
Rock Lannigan: K&B construction worker, Baycity, MI.
rocker stud girdle: a girdle or split aluminum bar tightened around rocker stud adjusting nuts to eliminate rocker stud movement caused by high lift roller camshafts and high rpm engines.
rocker (aluminum roller): a type of rocker used on a zinger engine for rocker arm weight loss and constant high rpm use. (see zinger)
rocker (offset): used to navigate around large ports in a race cylinder heads during engine building.
rocker (roller): needle bearing pivot, needle bearing roller tips.
rocker (shaft roller): roller rocker arms, shaft-mounted, for maximum non-flex high RPM use.
rockin' chair: a position generally describing the slow lane on a 4-lane highway whereby you sandwich your car in between two 18-wheelers, one in front, one in back and one on the left side, to purposely block a peace officer's intrusion during a high speed chase, this is generally a mutual orchestration by truckers and a person needing a "rockin' chair". (see 18-wheeler)
Rockwell "C" scale: using an SAE graded "C" scale on a Rockwell hardness tester.
roger, wilco, and out : roger (I understand), wilco (will comply), and out (signing off). i.e. Roger Ramjet.
roller lifter: a solid lifter with a roller mounted in the bottom of the lifter case. lifter guides keep the roller square to the lobe. ( see roller camshaft)
rollers: temporary tires to roll a car.
rolling refinery: 18 wheeler carrying petroleum products.
Ronnie Sox: 1938-2006 veteran Drag racer.
roost: the commotion of water created by the propellor behind a high HP hydro boat. (see hydro)
rotating mass: weight of the rod stack including bearings, x-amount of cylinders, pistons, wrist pins, pin locks, crankshaft, flywheel and harmonic balancer.
RPM: revolutions per minute.
RSVP répondez s'il vous plaît. (please reply)
rugger: a child 1-2 years old.
runner: liar.

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