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OAD: Overactive Adrenalin Disorder.
Oakland: an automobile built before the Dim Time, which latter became the Pontiac. (see Dim Time)
office: cockpit.
offisheeal: official.
okbye: a response to good-bye, meaning "later".
Olds Cutlass Rallye 350: an automobile built in the 1970's.
Olds Model 66 Sedanette: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
on your head: upside down in a sprint car.
one lunger: Briggs and Stratton 1 cylinder engine.
onion: union.
oomphas: little people.
oopha lomphas: little people.
opticrectalitis: cranial rectal inversion in its latter stages constant implementation. (no known treatment for this stage of the disease)
origami: the Japanese art of folding paper.
orschlog: buckethead. (see schmendrick)
oval: generally describes turning left (an American form of racing) on a formed round or otherwise oval track, dirt or asphalt.
over the edge: over the berm. (see berm) (see cushion) (see intodeep)
Overland/Whippet: 1. an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)  2. this time also ends the Overland.

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