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nackaduct: a delta-shaped air inlet used in cars, airplanes, jets, etc... for outside air intake without interrupting air flow across the machine's surface.
nada: no where to be found.
Nanotrilon: Holy Ghost Hyperspace Parameter Bouy.
narcissism: a person preoccupied with self and his or her accomplishments, dominating a conversation.
NASA: National Aeronautics ans Space Administration.
NASCAR: 1. National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing formed in 1948.   2. taxi cab.  3. vehicles with fenders protruding beyond the tires.  4. sheetmetal.  5. the equivalent of WWF (World Wrestling Federation) in automobile racing.
Nash-Airflight: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Nash / Erskine: a 1930's 4-wheeler built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time) (see 4-wheeler)
Nash Metropolitan: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Nash Rambler: pre-American Motors automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Nashcan: American Motors Corporation product.
nasty away: to die old, crippled and defeated in spirit.
needle-nose pliers: used when attempting to retrieve small components which have fallen into a hidden crevice within the engine bay. in an emergency, can be used to round off bolts heads.
nefarious: very wicked.
nermal: normal.
nervous nelson: anxious fidget.
neutrino: 1. the ghost particle.  2. the ghost of the particle world.  3. the mechanics of being a life-sustained unit by the Holy Ghost without interferance by man.  4. how you gain supernatural strength via the Holy Ghost, without the help of man at any location, asking God to help in the Spirit.
NAPA: National Auto Parts Association.
NHRA: National Hot Rod Association.
NIB: New In Box.
nice 'em to death: to kill with kindness.
nightmare: a caustic situation or state of mind developing physically before your very eyes in real life.
niner: a 9/16" wrench.
nitriding: a pickling process to make a .002" or deeper depth of greater hardness on a piece of lesser hardness steel. (see tuftriding)
nitrogen: a moistureless, inert gas that does not expand when heated. used to fill race car tires or any application that needs to be moisture-free.
nitromethane: 1. a liquid petroleum distilate.  2. unusually volatile when compressed.
nitromonic compromise: an explosive and non-agreeable compromise.
nitrous oxide: N2O, an inert gas (fuel oxidizer), no fuel value, non-flammable.
no box: no electronic engine controls/timers/rev control used during course of race event (drag racing).
nocturnal: night dweller.
noel: now all is well
non de kemp: N/A (not applicable).
non-destructive testing: testing an object's effectiveness without actually destroying it. (see hardness testing) (see magnuflux)
non-welder's welder: MIG (see MIG)
no "packy" parts: chevrolet only, no 426 Chrysler Hemi "elephant" parts.
normalizing: stress-relieving the object at hand by heating, blasting, and/or vibrating it until it's completely neutralized and all stresses have been removed.
NOS: Nitrous Oxide Systems. "New Old Stock".
NSRA: National Street Rod Assocation.
nuff: enough.
nuffsade: enough said.
nugi: newly replaced human in a work capacity state.
nukum pucky: generally used in leak stoppage, crack filling and muck ducking. (see snur)
nungi: to stroke your gills.
nutball: a psychotic.

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