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mag: magneto, a self-contained ignition system that creates its own current.
magnaflux: a process where you magnetize a piece of metal (i.e. a crankshaft) and flow liquid iron particles over it. these particles will form around a crack and be verified by a black light.
maiden voyage: first time out.
malfunction defunction: what failed?
mallory: a heavy metal used in a crankshaft throw to increase weight for balancing purposes.
mammal: usually a troublesome, stubborn object, goobahish in quality, choadie-like, defined or undefined object. (see goobah) (see choadie)
mandate: 1. unanimous agreement.   2. the will of constituents expressed to their representatives legislature, etc...
Manhattan Project: a project to build a nuclear bomb in 1942 which was hidden in New York City.
maniacal: 1. affected with or suggestive of madness 2. frantic
manusia: a huge, condescending explanation of bull _ _ _ _.
MAPP (methyl acetylene propadiene) gas soldering: hotter than propane, you can solder heavier objects in copper and steel. (see propane soldering)
MAPP (methyl acetylene propadiene) gas welding: MAPP gas is processed and stored in larger containers than acetylene (more stable) and easier to feed a job site manifold. It is also cleaner to weld and cut with. (see acetylene welding)
Mark Twain: pen name of Samuel Longhorn Clemens. 1835-1910.
Marmon: a truck build during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Martin Cooper: cell phone inventor (1973).
massless anti-matteric gravitoid: the condition of matter at the center of a massive black hole.
massless black holes: entry portal to a different time and space continuum.
master hacker: virus creator capabilities with no intent, having busted "BillGatesism" in the cyber world. (see BillGatesism)
maxed out: maximum extension.
maximum perplexical: total and complete indecision.
Maxwell: 1. an automobile built before the Dim Time (see Dim Time).  2. this automobile also became what we know as Chrysler.
mechanic's knife: used to open and slice through the contents of cardboard cartons delivered to your front door; works particularly well on boxes containing convertible tops an tonneau covers.
melodrama: mega convoluted snafu-style situation, totally perplexing.
meltlink: a pregnant mother cat.
meltric: metric.
mental pollusion: an illusion of the mind, moving to and fro, never coming to a conclusion or decision. (see pollusion)
mentor: a real life teacher. (as opposed to an institutional teacher)
Mercedes Benz: 1. the daughter of Daimler Benz.  2. a German car company. (see Daimler Benz)
Mercury Comet: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Mercury Coupe: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Mercury Monterey: an automobile built during the 1960's and 1970's.
Mercury pickup: a truck built in the 1960's.
mess kit: a military catchall, e.i."Put this in your mess kit."
metagossimorphis: demon driven intent to retrieve information about something or someone without actually asking the person or source a direct question, using voodoo metamorph tactics and relying on generally spread gossip to secure an answer that suits or fits your needs.
metal expansion (non alloy steel): .000006 per degree of heat change up or down.
metamorph: shape shifter.
metamorphi: a bevy of shape shifters.(see bevy)
methanol: wood alcohol.
metric wrench: an adjustable wrench.
MIA: Missing In Action.
midland speech: midstates speech.
MIG: Metal Inert Gas. (wire spool feed)
mileage: a vile swear word.
mill: 1. a race engine described so by the locals.  2. to mill a head or block deck surfaces to increase compression.
mindmeld: the commidulation of 2 minds for complete understanding. (see cloning) (see commidulation)
mineral spirits: AKA paint thinner, enamel thinner, stuff that's used for wetting metal parts.   also used for adhering paint brushes to containers (note: process takes approximately one month).  this chemical can be used in place of any other chemical with reduced efficiency.
Mishy: Mitsubishi Motors Corp.
mo bile: mobile.
mo: mother.
mob psychology: run for the exit.  run for your life.   companion trampling included.
mocus: an identifiable pre-Adamic ooze.
mocking bird: the bird of prophecy.
modus operandi: a condition of general operation.
mohachon: a warlock.
moly: 1. molybdenum.   2. used to make alloyed steel.
mondo: huge.
monfort lane: left lane. the fast lane on a multi-lane highway. (i.e. monfort trucks traveling at speed from Longmont, CO to Dubuque, IA)
Moon: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
moose milk: 1 part ballistol, 10 parts water
Morton, Illinois: pumpkin capital of the world. (see punkin' chuckin')
moto: Motorola mobile.
Motor City: Detroit.
motrim: an unknown machine or mechanical object capable of dynamic energy in a static state (not operating).
mouse: a small block Chevy (not to be confused with a computer input device).
mover head: a shaker.
mph: miles per hour.
muffler bearing: a commoner linguistics automotive part.
Muddy Waters (McKinley (Kelly) Morganfield): a bus driver from Chicago. 1913-1983. an American blues musician and considered to be "the Father of Chicago blues".
mung: aged and/or fermented unidentifiable pre-Adamic ooze.
muscle car: oem midsize two door with an increased horsepower large V8 engine built during the 1960's and early 1970's.
must not have white space: a delirious disease caused by Depression Era thinking, you must use all of the paper or screen.

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