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L.A.M.E.: couldn't hit their butt with both hands tied behind their back.
labyrinth: a maze.
land office business: maximum business
land shark: 1. a human-eating shark that lives on land.  2. investment broker.  3. law enforcement official.
latent: present but not visible or active
lawn head: one who attempts to make his lawn a golf green. one who mows three times a week.
LBS (Libra) (Latin): scales, balances (plural). a Roman unit of mass, similar to a pound. this is the origin of the abreviation.
lead sled: a 1950's full-bodied hotrod that's been customized and reshaped using lead as a body filler.
leanout valve: distribution block on an injection that goes over center to a smaller fuel range to lean out an engine under a load.
leanout: to decrease the amount of fuel being fed to an engine on the big end for maximum horsepower. (see leanout valve)
L.E.D.: Light Emitting Diode (see Rick Holonyak)
left field: out of it.
legs: dollar bills.
LIDAR: Laser Infrared Detecting And Ranging.
lifer: a permanent employee whether desired or not.
limper: a car driven in for repairs with ECM in limp-in mode.
Lincoln Continental: an automobile built during the Dim Time until current. (see Dim Time)
liquid wrench: an acetylene torch.
Lisa Meitner: a scientist who split the uranium atom and created nuclear fusion in 1938.
litany: a racer tends to cover up his mistakes with a litany of bull.   he builds a case story and recites it until he believes it himself and acts on it. (see manusia)
loaded: "fully optioned". weapons loaded.
locals: common people residing in the current culture.
locking: searching.
locknut: 1. an individual vehemently holding on to incorrect technology, ideas, or belief system. 2. a mindless jerk. (see zealot)
longitudinal fix: a sideways move - nothing accomplished.
low zoot: regular stuff, low end. (see zoot).

We'll be glad to correct any word or definition that appears incorrect or offensive.
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