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Kaiser Frazier: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
kao'd: trashed. destroyed. dead.
karate: empty hands
karooned: DOA. (see DOA)
kavorka: the lure of the animal.
keck telescope: a large spectrascope.
keep the rubber side down: keep the car on all four tires.
keep your rubberband stretched real tight: keep the throttle on.
Kel Varnsen: employee at Vandelay Industries.
keulio: way cool.
khz: kilohertz. 1,000 hertz.
kicked a hinge: exploded (see window)
kill switch: 1 of 2 switches used to kill magneto voltage to stop engine ignition.
killer: high zoot. (see zoot).
KISS (engineering principle): keep it simple, stupid.
kit: part of your collection (see mess kit).
kitschy: something often of poor quality that appeals to popular or low brow taste.
knert: a hexagonal nut.
knitted: when an engine pulls hard during maximum efficiency; "maxed out".
knocker: a 5.7 GM diesel.
knothead: a unit with pre-opticrectalitis tendecies forming. (see opticrectalitis) (see unit)
Knoxville, Iowa Raceway: the fastest 1/2 mile outlaw sprint car dirt track in the world.
KP: Kitchen Police.
kuneuter valve: a commoner linguistics automotive part.
kw: kilowatt. 1,000 watts.

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