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JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group. (a data compression format)
Jack: cash.
Jacque Pene: J C Penney.
James A. Dewar: inventor of Twinkies, a cream filled sponge cake. no known food product has a longer shelf life Than A twinkie. Americans consume about 500 million twinkies a year. Chicago, Il consumes more twinkies in America than any other city (2010). (A billboard for twinkle toe shoes inspired James A. Dewar to call his cream-filled sponge cake "twinkies".)
Janju Weed: devils on horseback. Darfur, Africa terrorists.
Jesus: King of the universe. Top wrench of all time.
jet: street jet. a wannabe racer, having zealot like tendencies. (see zealot)
jet boat: a tunnel style boat using a hydropump/waterjet for propulsion.
Jewett: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Jimmy Joe Meeker: an oil baron.
John Lingenfelter: 1945-2003. an NHRA driver, engineer and legendary tuner. established Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE).
johnson rod: a commoner linguistics automotive part.
juxtapose: to place side by side

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