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G-force: Gravitational force.
gas axe: an acetylene torch.
gasser: drag race car competing in a gas/coupe/sedan category.
Galactic cannibalism: Colission of galaxies creating even larger black holes at the center of the newly formed galaxy.
gearhead: a person with cars and machines on the brain, generally a non-domestic individual.
geist: a ghost, spirit (ger).
gespenst: a phantom (ger).
ghost: never knows where anything is or where it was last seen.
glass: short for fiberglass.
glass beading: a process using glass beads to clean an object for paint or assembly.
glitch: electronic millivolt breeches in circuit boards or hard wiring due to poor grounds, voltage fluctuation, or poorly engineered circuits.
global hawk (fixed winged drone): UAV (Unmanned Aviation Vehicle) larger sister of the Reaper Drone used for long, high flight during surveillance operations (see Reaper Drone) (see predator drone)
glomm: a low tech method of attachment, gluing, or to attach oneself to an object or being in a questionable manner. (see gloomontoo)
glommontoo: a pre-existing condition to the conviction of a cabbagist. the act of cabbaging. (see cabbaging)
glue: when left open for the correct time, will produce blurred-vision and hallucinations in nearby mechanics.
GMC: Garage Man's Companion.
GMT: Greenwich Mean Time; the time of the meridian of greenwich used as a basis of world wide standard time.
go ballistic: 1. to go nuts.  2. over the edge.  3. going ted.  (see go postal) (see go ted)
go figure: puzzled or perplexed.
go postal: 1. to go crazy.  2. over the edge.  3. go ballistic. (see go ballistic) (see go ted)
go ted: 1. to go crazy like a fox.  2. to have an imbalance.  3. over the edge. (see go ballistic) (see go postal)
goat: Pontiac GTO.
Gog and magog(hebrew): multitude and magnitude.
gogo juice: fuel.
gone south: failed out, exploded.
goobah: something that you do not know what it is.
goodbye: God be with you.
goodies: hard-core performance items to enhance power.
Government job: Freebee.
Graham Paige: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Grant: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
graveton: a dibbit of space and time. (see dibbit)
gravitate: an attempt to commidulate. (see commidulate)
Gravitational time dilation: Gravitation alters space and time. When time is being recorded in and about a gravitational field, gravitational time dilation must be calculated to determine true time. (example - Global Positioning Satellites have to be set back 38 milliseconds every day to be correct.
greenup: front money.
Grey: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
gridlock: any and all traffic stopped in all lanes of a highway, you will have to get your ticket punched to make this parade move again.
gril - girl: (see Sheila).
grill: to question feverishly in a condescending manner.
grocery getter: a high-performance vehicle docile enough to run errands. (see beater)
groove: the fastest portion of a racetrack.
ground hog guerrilla.(Dachs hund) Ger.(Badger dog): a small dog of german breeding, meant to hunt and retreive badgers from their dens.
groupslide: something only NASCAR can accomplish, too many cars on a small track, 1 greedy manuever and all cars get together to slide in unison down the straightaway, usually during the start of a race.
grumps: grown-ups.
gweeb: a self-centered confiscationist. (see horda)

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