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F1: Formula One racing in Europe.
factory: OEM. (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
fade: to dissipate into the background.
failsafe: all options of failure planned for and covered. 99.9% safe. (see bulletproof)
faith: understanding what Jesus did at the cross when he said "it is finished". salvation for all people, if they only believe on him. Jesus is mankind's destiny.
faith (misplaced): faith in anything, object or human, except Jesus Christ (anointed saviour) and what he did at the cross.
fantabulous: fantastic x2.
farewell: fairly well
farm out: far out.
fartsystem: a not-so-discreet system of applying torque, 1 fart, 2 farts, etc.
FASI Automotika: Foremost Automotive Services, Inc Automotika, master fabricators, master engine builders.
fat: too much fuel on the dial in. (see dial in)
fate: the will or belief that is held to determine destiny. the opposite of faith. (See faith)
fateful: conjuring adverse or destructive life events (see conjuring)
F.E.A.R.: false,evidence,appearing,real.
featch: the main event of a sprint car race; feature. a main.
feeding frenzy: piranha at work.
fiasco: a situation on its way to becoming a snafu. (see snafu)
Fiat: Fix It All the Time.
fire chicken: a Pontiac Firebird.
fire stick: a magneto.
firerock: Firestone tire.
firmament: 1. the vault or arch of the sky (Heavens) 2. the expansion of the universe
fixer: 1980 and up car or truck.
flail: to beat unmercifully. i.e. he failed the engine until it exploded. (see beater)
flat: a flat bottomed boat.
flatlander: a southerner.
flavor: a favor.
flop: 1. funny car. (see funny car) 2. overnight sleep spot (British)
flopper: funny car. (see funny car)
Florida: the Orange State.
flow / flowing: a process using a liquid to measure port size of a cylinder head, intake, etc.
flower: 1. a currently unidentified and/or identified object. (see unit) (see goobah) (see thingie) (see dittie)
flutrians: stone age people.
flux core wire: welding wire with the flux in the center of the wire. (see MIG)
fly in the sky: police helicopter.
FM: Foreign Matter.
FOB: 1. Freight On Board. 2. Friends Of Bill.
focal point: Ford Focus.
food stuffs: current food on location. (see track food)
forced induction: any form of a compressor on top of an engine. (see compressor)
F-O-R-D: Ford Motor Company.
Ford: a current car development company.
Ford coupe: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Ford Fairlane: an automobile built in the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's.
Ford Falcon: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Ford Fordor: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Ford Galaxie: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Ford Model A (special coupe): an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Ford Model T (Huckster): a truck built before the Dim Time (see Dim Time)
Ford Motor Company: Started by Henry Ford in 1903.
Ford Mustang: an automobile built during the 1960's to current.
Ford Mustang Mach I: an automobile built during the 1960's and 1970's.
Ford Thunderbird: an automobile built during the 1950's until current.
forensicology: the science of explosion reassembly.
forged steel: a piece of steel that has been drop-forged in a large press to shape it.
fort night: two weeks.
frå - gîle: fragile.
fractal geometry: The hidden dimension showing a visual side to math, explaining creation and objects by design. Discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot.
Franklin: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
friendly: a not-so-straight piece of bodywork.
frigate: a sailing warship.
front door: the leader of a convoy.
frontus indifidus: front wheel drive's indifference to the asphalt roadway.
froward: willfully contrary, backward and forward thinking alternately.
FS: Forever Stupid.
fubar: 1.fouled up beyond all recognition.  2. functional utility bar.
fuel pump rod (lightweight): (Chevrolet only) a hollow steel tube with hardened steel ends which weighs 65% less than the factory solid rod and saves fuel pump springs at high rpm.
fuel shutoff: a shutoff valve to the injectors to empty the fuel lines and shut down the engine.
fueler: 1. top fuel eliminator rail or hydro boat. 2 something that burns nitromethane as a primary source. (see rail) (see hydro)
full boat: fully loaded, every option (see loaded)
full gainer: a piece of race equipment passing its appointed spot on the track in mid-air.
full meal deal: everything on it.
full of bull _ _ _ _: 1. ball of wax.  2. corruptable stuff.
full timer: a bus converted for domestic living and used for traveling full time.
funk: a state of great fear, panic, or deep depression.
funnycar: a drag race car with a fiberglass body shaped like a current passenger car, chassis like a rail, but shorter wheelbase. (see flop) (see rail)
future fatigue: constant pressure applied by society to be better than you are. I.E. banks, business systems, cell phones, computers, copying devices, iPods, digital cameras, camera phones, advanced CDMA phones, television, state boards, federal intervention, federal spying programs, profiling, etc... (see Bill Gatesism)

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