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Daimler Benz: the founder of Mercedes Benz. (see Mercedes Benz)
Daimler-Chrysler: a Daimler Benz attempt at commidulation with Chrysler. (see commidulation) (see Daimler Benz)
damage control: assessing damage after a crash or events, attempting to save the car or object.
damages: final price of present excursion.
dampener indexing: after indexing the crankshaft, index the crankshaft dampener. (harmonic balancer) to TDC. (see crankshaft indexing) (see TDC)
Danicka Patrick: an up and coming celebrity female driver May 28, 2005.
dash: a special event race (8 lap sprint) IE: Knoxville, IA Raceway, introducing all countries present from around the world, by running in a dash.
Davis: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
dazzled: shocked, surprised, mezmerized by the blind idiocy before you.
dead player: dead on arrival.
deadly motrim: dynamic energy of an unknown machine or mechanical object operating unmanned and out of control.
deadly piss ant: kinetic energy stored in an inanimate object waiting to strike when tampered with.
Dean Moon: 1937-1987. Moon Racing Speedshop owner.
debris field: 1. area remaining from the current explosion.  2. present box of bull.
debtslider: a nonpay; individual who never pays for anything.
decluckification: the deprogramming of general fears and tensions
decreasing radius curve: a curve in the road that turns inward and does not swing outward.
deliceous paper: Thick, very glossy paper. The company or individuals using this type of paper pass all costs onto the consumer and generally go supernova suddenly (total premature failure) (see supernova)
delta money: equal assets/debt/cash money growth.
democracy: a sheep and two wolves deciding what to have for lunch. freedom is a well-armed sheep contesting the issue.
demolecularization: moving about without a mechanical apparatus. (see translate)
deprogramming booth: zealot deprogramming capabilities to remove incorrect knowledge so you can boot up a fresh info slate.
Desoto Firelight: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Desoto: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
destructions: the manufacturer's opinion of how to assemble something.
Detroit, Michigan: 1.Motor City.  2. Motown.
dial in: 1. a procedure in drag racing to set the time differential in handicap racing or ET racing.  a starter "dials in" the time difference on an electronic starter which allows the slower car to receive a predetermined head start.  2. to tune one's car for maximum performance.
Diamond T: a truck built before the Dim Time and during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
diatribe: a bitter, abusive denunciation of bull _ _ _ _. (see manusia)
dibbit: a small, undefined unit of measurement, especially on a typewriter or CRT.
DIFM: Do It For Me
difugaitie: a moderate-sized screw up or obstacle that must be overcome.
Digital Froward Variance Compliance:
   Digital - locking into specific area.
   Froward - searching to and fro, seeking who he (satan) at an instant may devour whole.
   Variance - discrepancy in searching official permission to bypass regulations.
   Compliance - the situation at hand finally yields to your will.
digitologist: a webmaster with a touch of forensicology. (see forensicolgy)
dilluted: polluted, delusional.
Dim Time: from 1929 to 1955.
Ding: current attack cat.
ditti: a small thingie (see thingie).
DITW: Dead In The Water.
divination: the art or practice that seeks to forsee or fortell future events or discover hidden knowledge by means of augury(a phenomenom believed to portend a future event) or by aid of demonic supernatural powers.
DIY: Do It Yourself
DNF: Did Not Finish.
DOA: Dead On Arrival.
Dodge Brothers: automobiles built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Dodge Challenger: an automobile built in the 1970's.
Dodge Coronet: an automobile built in the 1970's.
Dodge Coronet 500: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Dodge Dart: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Dodge Dart GTS: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Dodge Daytona: an automobile built during the 1970's and the 1980's.
Dodge pickup: a truck built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Dodge Viper: an automobile built during the 1990's and current.
dominional: 1. baptized into the Holy Ghost with cloven tongues of fire. 2. the evidence of being baptized in the holy ghost is speaking with an unknown tongue.
DOS: Disk Operating System.
draconian: a medieval situation. (see stone age)
draganflyer x6 (chopper drone): UAV (unmanned aviation vehicle) a domestic surveillance drone coming to an american"peace officers"precinct near you. ASAP 2012 (see shadow hawk drone)
drama: a complicated snafu style situation. (see snafu)
draumellika: a complicated multifaceted snafu style situation. (see snafu) (see perplexical)
drill press: a tall, upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your soda across the room splattering it all over the bench grinder or other expensive electrical appliances.
droid: a Honda.
Dr. Suess: Theodore Geisel
dry sump: an oiling system in which oil is pumped from an independent reservoir to the engine and back continuously creating ground clearance and high volume oil pressure.
DTAH: Deader Than A Hammer.
dually: a dual wheel Chevy truck.
Duane Hoover: K&B construction worker, Baycity, MI.
dumbo neighborhood: restored building condos in New York City.
Durant Star: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Duryea: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
dwebknot: a baby gweeb. (see gweeb)
dweeb: a clueless, self-centered being.
dzus fastener: (pronounced "zoose") a quarter-turn "quick release" fastener generally used for cowling and side panels on a race car.  Invented by William Dzus in the early 1930's, it was used for securing skin panels on aircraft.

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