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BAH: Blown Alcohol Hydro Boat.
bail: bail out of.  to abort.
back door: the last vehicle in a convoy
ball of bull_ _ _ _: 1. ball of wax.  2. corruptable stuff.
ball-peen hammer: interestingly, when first discovered in a cave by Francesco de Gama in 1602, the ball-peen hammer was useless, as the peen had not yet been invented, and the practice of hitting yourself in the balls had already been perfected by the Druids, using a variety of devices.  Ball-peen hammers are now used by those with steady hands as a universal center punch.
balloon: a smooth rear drag race tire. a slick.
banana boat: a reverse rake, sagged out, fullsize 2-door car. (see whoopti)
bankster: predatorial lender
barbie: a female waitress.
Barney: mainlander.
basket case: an engine project brought to your doorstep in a basket, either exploded or violated by some previous machine shop. (see can of worms)
bat phone: cell phone.
battery electrolyte tester: a handy tool for tranferring sulfuric acid from a car battery to the inside of your toolbox after determining that your battery is dead as a doornail, just as you thought.
B.C.: Before Christ (Before the Annointed)
BDU: Basic Dress Uniform.
bean counter: an accountant.
bear: a state cop.
bear dirt: chewing gum.
bear in the air: police helicopter
bear trap: a state cop inquisition.
beater: a 10 year old or older sleeper, high-performance vehicle used for transportation only, looks not considered; low maintenance.
beaucoup: big bucks.
bedlam: a condition of confusion that ensues in a pit after an engine explosion, weeping, wailing and lamenting, that the machine work done at the once trusted local machine shop must have been incorrect.
beek: a nose and mouth of a human.
being led down the primrose path of fickle fated bull_ _ _ _: (being deceived).
belly pan: generally, a full-length aluminum pan on the bottom side of a race car to increase aerodynamics.
bench race: 1. a pseudo race embellishment of how it could have been or how it might be.  2. a race scenario of ridiculous proportions.  3. talking feverishly about how it might have been if the carbs just would have co-operated.
berm: the outer edge of a race track traction surface. (see over the edge) (see intodeep) (see cushion)
betapullackteni: an unfriendly kitty cat. (generally tortoise shell)
Betty Jean McPhurcalips: Joe Schmuckatelli's sister.
bevy: group, cluster.
BFH: Blown Fuel Hydro Boat.
BGJ: Blown Gas Jet.
Big Apple: New York City.
big end: the last 25% of a drag strip to the finish line.
billet: a piece of solid steel or aluminum bar and/or ingot.
BillGatesism: a disease striking young men and women leaving them full of stress because of their ignorance of Mac. (Apple, MacIntosh)
Billy Durant: formed General Motors Corporation in 1908.
binder: International Harvester.
bird head: a mother cat.
bizarro world: the opposite of reality.
bjort: an object.
blender: a Nash 6-cylinder.
blithering gooouck: unrighteous wartime make work.
blobology: the discernment of RADAR imaging.
blog: weblog
blogging: to blog; a quantum leap to real current info or real current trash, you decide.
blow this pop stand: exit stage left. (see exit stage left)
blower: a compressor or air pump of choice. (see blown)
blower hat: the air scoop that directs air/fuel mix into the throat of a blower. (see bug catcher)
blown: supercharged, roots-type, screw-type blowers, turbocharger, compressors, etc.
BMW: Bavarian Motor Works.
boaat: a boat.
boat anchor: a heavy, poorly designed V-8 engine.
bogite: bogus.
boost: increased intake plenum pressure created by a compressor. (see compressor)
border child: born on a border between countries.
bored: increased cylinder size.
bought the dirt farm: died in a race car accident.
Bowtie: a Chevy.
bowzer dog: the current attack dog.
brighten up the mix: add more nitromethane.
bring it on: come on.
Brownout: failure of an area electric power grid because of current use overload.
BSM: Before Sheetmetal (intake manifolds)
BTDC: Before Top Dead Center. (piston before top of stroke)
BTU: British Thermal Unit.
bubble gum machine: 1. peace officer's car. (see peace officer)   2. cop paraphernalia.
Bubick: a Buick.
buckethead: 1. brainless.   2. to wear a 3/4 coverage helmet without a chin protector.   3. post opticrectalitis head no longer attached, unit carrying head in a bucket.
Buckeye State: Ohio.
Buckeye: Ohioan.
bug catcher: air/fuel valve, with air intake scoop on a blown engine that directs air/fuel mix into the throat of a blower. (see blower hat)
Buick 40 series coupe: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Buick Roadmaster: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Buick: an automobile built during the Dim Time and is a current car development company. (see Dim Time)
bulb: computer.
bullet: a competition race engine.
bulletproof: indestructible.
bumping: what a bank does to retrieve money before it's due.
burger banger: a kitty cat.
burger index: McDonalds' hamburger price increase or decrease by percent from 1979 on. the price of a McDonald's hamburger in 1979 was $1.69.
burnsideout: inverted - burned side out.
bye run: 1. a single run, usually given to driver with the top qualifying speed.  2. to race unopposed during competition.

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