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10-100: a peace officer's call numbers for going to the restroom during communication over the air.
18 wheeler: semi truck and trailer.
2 by driver: two-wheel drive car or truck. (see 4-wheeler)
360 cid weight rule: for sprint cars 1,450 lbs.
3M: Minneapolis Mining and Manufacturing
4-wheeler: a car.
410 cid weight rule: for unlimited outlaw sprint cars 1,375 lbs.
75/25 inert gas (MIG welding): 75% argon (Ar) and 25% carbon dioxide (CO2). the cleaning action of argon and the penetrating action of CO2 makes better welds on clean, cold rolled steel. (see MIG)
A Bone: Model A Ford between 1928 and 1931.
a real piece of work: a real piece of sh_ _.
Abe Lincoln: an 8-cylinder automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
abort: to bail out of.
ABS (plastic): Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
abscond: to retrieve money unlawfully while exiting stage left.
acetylene welding: not as clean as TIG welding. you use a gas flame to puddle the weld on the work pieces adding filler rod from the side. (see TIG welding)
A.D. (Anno Domini): (Latin) the year of our Lord.
adjustable checking pushrod: used in engine pre-assembly to determine correct rocker arm geometry before you cut your pushrod tubing to length.
add some pop: add some nitromethane.
adrenalitis: lack of adrenalin.
AI: Artificial Intelligence.
air compressor: a machine that takes energy produced in a coal-burning power plant 200 miles away and transforms it into compressed air that travels by hose to an Ingersol Rand impact wrench that grips rusty suspension bolts last tightened 40 years ago by someone in Detroit, and rounds them off.
Albert Einstein: 1879-1955. the father of physics,
alchemy: 1. the chemistry of the middle ages. the object was to change baser elements into gold. 2. the science of discovering all matter.
alcohol: the first by-product of a distillation process.
Aldebaran: the Redstar, 65 million light years away from earth.
Alfred B. Nobel: 1833-1896. inventor of dynamite. after much guilt of creating a substance that could be used for war instead of peace, he set up a fund for promoting international peace. (the Nobel Peace Prize)
align boring: the line bore must be bored, much like cylinder boring.   the line bore must be machined using a tool bit in a boring bar, making a pass through the entire block, creating a true straight bore on center.  this is imperative to properly tension the main bore halves and keep the crankshaft in a straight bore environment. (see align honing)
align honing: this process used in engine freshen-up, with a known straight line bore, using a full length honing bar through the main caps.   never attempt to straighten main bores that are banana-shaped in length, main caps and bores that are egg-shaped, and/or attempt to align hone steel caps on a cast iron or aluminum block! align boring is an accurate, necessary process.  Use it! (see align boring)
alky: methanol. (see wood alcohol)
All Star Sprint: winged sprint attempting WOO status. (see WOO)
altered: a specific type of drag race car with slightly modified production appearing bodies. (fiberglass replicas allowed)  engine and driveline possibly relocated.
Aludium Q36 pumpkin modulator: Current world record holding "pumpkin chucker" at 4860 feet; a distance that remains the longest toss in the Guinness Book of World Records 2001-2013.
Aluminum (AL): Atomic weight 26.9815
Amen: Truth
American Motors Javelin AMX: an automobile built in the 1970's.
anal retenative: a disease which destroys young men striving for automotive perfection.
angle of the dangle: 1. the position or attitude the suspension takes before being welded on or bolted in place.  2. the position a plum bob takes as center of the object being afixed.
anomaly: something abnormal or irregular.   a slice of the time-space continuum in the wrong location.
Apperson Jackrabbit: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
arc welding process: use a rod of your hardness choice with flux already dip glued on to the rod. Apply a ground to your work piece. Strike the arc and puddle the rod between your work pieces in question.
argon: a pure, inert gas used in tig welding on stainless and aluminum. (see tig)
Arkus-Duntov: 1. Zora Arkus-Duntov, a GM design engineer.  2. 1957 Chevrolet engineer.  3. GM Corvette engineer.
Art Vandelay: 1. owner of Vandelay Industries.  2. importer/exporter. (see Kel Varnson)
ASE: 1. Automotive Service Excellence.(certified automotive technician)   2. Another Sucker Enrolled.
Asian Death Cube: Front wheel drive foreign car (see incorrect wheel drive)(see frontus indifidus)
asymmetrical: a lack of symmetry.
atheism: intellectual vandalism, denying the existance of GOD.
atypical: abnormal.
aviation metal snips: (see hacksaw)
BAH: Blown Alcohol Hydro Boat.
bail: bail out of.  to abort.
back door: the last vehicle in a convoy
ball of bull_ _ _ _: 1. ball of wax.  2. corruptable stuff.
ball-peen hammer: interestingly, when first discovered in a cave by Francesco de Gama in 1602, the ball-peen hammer was useless, as the peen had not yet been invented, and the practice of hitting yourself in the balls had already been perfected by the Druids, using a variety of devices.  Ball-peen hammers are now used by those with steady hands as a universal center punch.
balloon: a smooth rear drag race tire. a slick.
banana boat: a reverse rake, sagged out, fullsize 2-door car. (see whoopti)
bankster: predatorial lender
barbie: a female waitress.
Barney: mainlander.
basket case: an engine project brought to your doorstep in a basket, either exploded or violated by some previous machine shop. (see can of worms)
bat phone: cell phone.
battery electrolyte tester: a handy tool for tranferring sulfuric acid from a car battery to the inside of your toolbox after determining that your battery is dead as a doornail, just as you thought.
B.C.: Before Christ (Before the Annointed)
BDU: Basic Dress Uniform.
bean counter: an accountant.
bear: a state cop.
bear dirt: chewing gum.
bear in the air: police helicopter
bear trap: a state cop inquisition.
beater: a 10 year old or older sleeper, high-performance vehicle used for transportation only, looks not considered; low maintenance.
beaucoup: big bucks.
bedlam: a condition of confusion that ensues in a pit after an engine explosion, weeping, wailing and lamenting, that the machine work done at the once trusted local machine shop must have been incorrect.
beek: a nose and mouth of a human.
being led down the primrose path of fickle fated bull_ _ _ _: (being deceived).
belly pan: generally, a full-length aluminum pan on the bottom side of a race car to increase aerodynamics.
bench race: 1. a pseudo race embellishment of how it could have been or how it might be.  2. a race scenario of ridiculous proportions.  3. talking feverishly about how it might have been if the carbs just would have co-operated.
berm: the outer edge of a race track traction surface. (see over the edge) (see intodeep) (see cushion)
betapullackteni: an unfriendly kitty cat. (generally tortoise shell)
Betty Jean McPhurcalips: Joe Schmuckatelli's sister.
bevy: group, cluster.
BFH: Blown Fuel Hydro Boat.
BGJ: Blown Gas Jet.
Big Apple: New York City.
big end: the last 25% of a drag strip to the finish line.
billet: a piece of solid steel or aluminum bar and/or ingot.
BillGatesism: a disease striking young men and women leaving them full of stress because of their ignorance of Mac. (Apple, MacIntosh)
Billy Durant: formed General Motors Corporation in 1908.
binder: International Harvester.
bird head: a mother cat.
bizarro world: the opposite of reality.
bjort: an object.
blender: a Nash 6-cylinder.
blithering gooouck: unrighteous wartime make work.
blobology: the discernment of RADAR imaging.
blog: weblog
blogging: to blog; a quantum leap to real current info or real current trash, you decide.
blow this pop stand: exit stage left. (see exit stage left)
blower: a compressor or air pump of choice. (see blown)
blower hat: the air scoop that directs air/fuel mix into the throat of a blower. (see bug catcher)
blown: supercharged, roots-type, screw-type blowers, turbocharger, compressors, etc.
BMW: Bavarian Motor Works.
boaat: a boat.
boat anchor: a heavy, poorly designed V-8 engine.
bogite: bogus.
boost: increased intake plenum pressure created by a compressor. (see compressor)
border child: born on a border between countries.
bored: increased cylinder size.
bought the dirt farm: died in a race car accident.
Bowtie: a Chevy.
bowzer dog: the current attack dog.
brighten up the mix: add more nitromethane.
bring it on: come on.
Brownout: failure of an area electric power grid because of current use overload.
BSM: Before Sheetmetal (intake manifolds)
BTDC: Before Top Dead Center. (piston before top of stroke)
BTU: British Thermal Unit.
bubble gum machine: 1. peace officer's car. (see peace officer)   2. cop paraphernalia.
Bubick: a Buick.
buckethead: 1. brainless.   2. to wear a 3/4 coverage helmet without a chin protector.   3. post opticrectalitis head no longer attached, unit carrying head in a bucket.
Buckeye State: Ohio.
Buckeye: Ohioan.
bug catcher: air/fuel valve, with air intake scoop on a blown engine that directs air/fuel mix into the throat of a blower. (see blower hat)
Buick 40 series coupe: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Buick Roadmaster: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Buick: an automobile built during the Dim Time and is a current car development company. (see Dim Time)
bulb: computer.
bullet: a competition race engine.
bulletproof: indestructible.
bumping: what a bank does to retrieve money before it's due.
burger banger: a kitty cat.
burger index: McDonalds' hamburger price increase or decrease by percent from 1979 on. the price of a McDonald's hamburger in 1979 was $1.69.
burnsideout: inverted - burned side out.
bye run: 1. a single run, usually given to driver with the top qualifying speed.  2. to race unopposed during competition.
cabbage: to steal.
cabbagist: a thief.
CAD: Computer Assisted Design.
Cadillac: an automobile built during the Dim Time and is a current car development company. (see Dim Time)
Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz: an automobile built after the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
cagey: a person who determines fate by all manner of superstition.
cake hole: mouth mounted in a human.
California hold: a long distance call on hold.
cammer: Ford 427 SOHC (Single Overhead Cam) engine from the 1960's.
camshaft advance/retard: advancing the camshaft increases the low end torque of the engine. retarding the camshaft increases the high end torque of an engine. advancing or retarding the camshaft 4o degrees will change the power curve 500 rpm up or down.
camshaft advance bushing (Chevrolet): bushings used in the main cam gear to advance or retard the camshaft during the process of camshaft degreeing.
camshaft assembly lube: a lubricant used during the initial camshaft break-in. (see camshaft break-in)
camshaft (billet): a camshaft ground from a solid piece of high alloy steel.
camshaft break-in(cast iron camshafts only): it's critical that cast iron camshafts are "broken in". this process akneels the ramps on the cam lobes for surface strength. the procedure consists of applying camshaft breakin lube liberally to each lobe during assembly. make all valve adjustments prior to fireup, so each lobe breaks in evenly. start and operate engine above 2000 rpm for the first 30 minutes, this procedure is imperative to camshaft life, if the lobes are not akneeled the lifters will destroy the lobes. change engine oil before further engine breakin.
camshaft degree wheel: a pre-indexed aluminum or steel disc that is bolted to the crankshaft or balancer for the purpose of camshaft degreeing. (see camshaft degreeing)
camshaft dual pattern: the intake lobe and the exhaust lobe are designed differently to do a specific job. (split lift split duration)
camshaft (hydraulic): a cast iron camshaft with lifters that are pressurized with oil in the lifter galley, creating 0 lash at the rocker arm for quiet operation.
camshaft (Imperial Crower): a camshaft with full roller bearings on the shaft journals.
camshaft lobe heel: (base circle) the lowest point on a cam where valve adjustment takes place.
camshaft lobe profile: is the cam asymmetrical, dual pattern, or a roller shaft?
camshaft lobe separation: the distance between the centerline of the intake lobe and the centerline of the exhaust lobe.
camshaft (mushroom tappet): a solid lifter camshaft that uses a T-shaped lifter for more available duration.
camshaft nose: the highest point or maximum lift of a cam.
camshaft opening ramp: the ramp on the cam lobe that initiates lifter opening during camshaft rotation.
camshaft position sensor: a sensor to expose camshaft location for an ECM.
camshaft regrinding: accomplished by grinding a changed profile from metal removed at the heel of the lobe to create desired cam/engine blueprint.
camshaft rev kit (Chevrolet): a complete set of lifter case springs mounted under the head to keep roller lifters from bouncing on the camshaft, during high rpm use.
camshaft (roller): a steel billet camshaft with fast intake ramps, high lift and fast exhaust ramps. (see roller lifter)
camshaft (solid): a cast iron camshaft using lifters made of a solid cast shell, advantage being no soggy lifter like hydraulics, assuring constant lift and duration.
camshaft thrust button: used to keep a roller camshaft from crawling forward in an engine block. (roller camshafts are flat ground and have no natural centering ability)
can of worms: a completley disassembled engine dropped at your door step with hopes that miraculous powers will ensue and the elves might breathe life back into the project. (See basket case) (see fubar)
can't: worthless, lowdown.   could not hit his butt with both hands tied behind his back. (see couldn't)
CANAM (racing): Canadian/American racing.
candy line up: next in line.
carbolic: a cataclysmic situation or event.
carbon arc torch: hand-held carbon arc rods spaced a certain distance apart in order to create an arc to heat the work piece. filler rod is fed to the work piece from the side. (see acetylene welding) (see TIG welding)
carbon dioxide: an inert gas used for MIG welding hot rolled metal and poorly finished metals. (see MIG)
carney: fabricator.
CART: Championship Auto Race Teams.
cc: cubic centimeter
CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access.
cfm: cubic feet per minute.
CG: center of gravity.
Chalmers: 1. an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)  2. not to be confused with an automobile named Chanler. (see Chanler)
chameleon: an animal or human that changes colors and modes.
champ car: Indy car, Indianapolis race car, Indianapolis championship race car.
changeling: 1. A child secretly put in the place of another during infancy by a goddess of fate. 2. turncoat
Chanler: 1. an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)  2. not to be confused with an automobile named Chalmers. (see Chamlers)
channel: to lower a car's body over an existing frame in order to reduce overall height.
channeled: the body of a vehicle is positioned lower over the frame than the factory location.
cheese whiz: a self-designated, superfluous plant manager.
cheeseland: Wisconsin.
cheesy: no zoot. (see zoot)
Chevrolet Belair: an automobile built during the 1950's and 1960's.
Chevrolet Biscayne: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Chevrolet Brothers: 1. Louis, Arthur, and Gaston.   2. current car development company known as General Motors.
Chevrolet Camaro: an automobile built during the 1960's until 2002.
Chevrolet Camaro SS: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Chevrolet Corvair: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Chevrolet Corvette: an automobile built during the 1950's until current.
Chevrolet CP: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Chevrolet El Camino: a truck built during the 1960's and the 1970's.
Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 409: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Chevrolet Impala SS convertible: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Chevrolet Master Deluxe Sedan: An automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Chevrolet Rally Sport Camaro: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Chevrolet SS Z28 Camaro: an automobile built in the 1970's.
Chevrolet truck: a truck built during the Dim Time until current. (see Dim Time)
chicken coop: a weigh station.
chillin: to loiter with intent. on coast.
Chi-Town: Chicago. (see Windy City)
China Syndrome: 1. nuclear reactor core meltdown.   2. inevitable project meltdown, total annihilation.
chitlin: child.
choadie: a useful, prefabricated goobah. (see goobah)
choadie box: where choadies live until needed in a project. (see choadie)
choagieing: on idle. idling around. stroking it.
choke and puke: a burger stand.
chook: a chicken.
chooking: a baby chicken.
chop: to remove a section from the top of a car body to reduce height, and/or create a revised look.
chopped: a vehicle with the top chopped.
christmas tree: a system of lights usually shaped like a tree, for count down timed drag racing.
Chrysler Imperial: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Chrysler Windsor: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
chucklehead: a brainless simpleton.
chute: short for parachute which is deployed at high speeds to slow an object.
cid: Cubic Inch Displacement.
Cindy Lou Who: a Dr. Suess caricature.
clamp: micrometer
clamp on: an outboard motor mounted on a boat transom.
clamps: hands.
clams: 100 dollar bills. C-notes.
clapped out: 1. trashed.   2. completely used up.
clean start: no crashes.
close race: all cars on the finish lap.
cloven: divided.
cluck: chicken head.
cluckification: the process of morphing into a large chicken.
cludge: an item full of warts wrapped in a pretty package. (i.e. Microsoft Windows)
clunkmonk: an astute mother cat.
clunkplunk: a medium teenage cat.
cold process fusion: moving from water as a liquid state through a hydrogen generator in order to create gaseous hydrogen on demand without storing hydrogen in a cylinder. (stored hydrogen is not unlike a bomb)
Cole 8: an 8-cylinder automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
come in?: Come back?   What did you say?
come to Jesus talk: a coming to a complete understanding of the situation before you.
comlara: an interdimensional shape shifter.
commidulanx: to commidulate in close formation. (see commidulate)
commidulate: participate in a condition of togetherness.
comprende?: understand? (see redundancy)
compressor: 1. exhaust-driven turbo.  2. belt-driven, roots-type blower.  3. belt-driven, screw compressor.  4. belt-driven, remotely-mounted axial vane compressor.  5. turbine.
concentric: having a common center.
conjuring: to implore earnestly, summoning by sorcery, as if by invocation or incantation.
connecting rod (aluminum): a lightweight, high-tensile strength rod used to keep the rotating mass of an engine to a minimum. rod length is dependent on engine blueprint. (see titanium rods)
connecting rod (full float): a connecting rod that the wrist pin passes through freely.  aluminum rods provide their own bearing surface, cast, steel, and titanium rods are bushed with bronze bushings and bored to the wrist pin dimension, plus oil clearance.  the wrist pin is held in the piston with pin retainers. (see wrist pin locks) (see connecting rod pin bushings)
connecting rod (pin bushings): brass oilite bushings used in a rod to full float the piston wrist pin, creating free rod, piston movement.
connecting rod (press pin): the piston wrist pin is pressed into the connecting rod. (no wrist pin retainers)
connecting rod (titanium): the lightest, strongest connecting rod in the industry.
connecting rod bearing dowel: a dowl pin in the connecting rod cap to hold bearing inserts in place during high RPM use.
connecting rod resizing: remove the connecting rod bolts on your pre-magnafluxed rods and parallel cut the rods and caps. install new bolts. now you can resize the big end of the rod by honing to perfect blueprint size.
connecting rod side clearance: the clearance between the connecting rod stack and the rod pin journal thrust. clearance differs for aluminum, steel, or titanium.
connecting rod straightening: a process and equipment to make a connecting rod/piston assembly run perpendicular to the cylinder wall. (press pin assembly only) (steel only)
control+alt+delete: Microsoft equipment neccessity created by David Bradley to bail out of your locked pc.
controlled burn: event or situation seemingly under your control.
conundrum: a situation with much perplexity. a seemingly unsolvable situation (see perplexity)
cord: a stack of wood 4' x 4' x 8'
corn binder: International Harvester pickup truck. a truck built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
corn country: mid-central Illinois.
cornfused: confused. (see yano)
corporate welfare: retirement.
cosmic drill: uneventful standoff. (see sideways move)
cough: produce now. to backfire an engine because of incorrectly ground valves. (see whoof) (see sneeze)
couldn't: can't's worthless cousin.  also, he could not hit his butt with both hands tied behind his back. (see can't)
cowabunga: wow!
cranial implosion: information lock down.
cranial rectal inversion: head up one's butt.
crankshaft advance/retard woodruff key: a key that is offset usually 2 degrees to index an incorrectly ground crankshaft and/or help in degreeing an incorrectly indexed camshaft. remember 2 degrees at the crankshaft is 4 degrees at the camshaft.
crankshaft (billet): a crankshaft generally machined out of a piece of 4340 moly steel billet that has control hardness and grain structure for maximum crankshaft integrity.
crankshaft (cast): a shaft that has been still cast in iron.
crankshaft (forged): a crankshaft drop-forged from steel of your choice, for the strength needed in your engine blueprint.
crankshaft (thrust journal): depending on engine design, the thrust can be forward, center, or at the rear of the crankshaft or block.   the purpose of the thrust is to hold the crankshaft throws centered to each bore, thus positioning the rod stack alignment. (see crankshaft thrust journal setting)
crankshaft indexing: while setting up to grind your crankshaft rod pin journals, index crankshaft keyway to #1 rod pin journal centerline. (see dampener indexing)
crankshaft off grinding: a crankshaft with the rod pin journals off-ground to a certain dimension and stroke per engine blueprint.
crankshaft oil hole chamfering: crankshaft oil holes need to be chamfered to increase oil volume at the bearings.
crankshaft polishing: after a crankshaft is ground, the shaft gets polished with an abrasive belt on a crankshaft polisher.
crankshaft radius polishing: much like crankshaft polishing, after the crankshaft radius is hard ground, they are polished. (see crankshaft polishing)
crankshaft resizing: a situation where you regrind your crankshaft pin journals, mains, and thrust to meet your latest engine blueprint spec sheet.
crankshaft thrust journal setting: during the assembly of an engine, the thrust journal needs to be set. lightly torque the thrust to 10 or 15 ft. lbs. then use a plastic or rubber mallet to tap the crankshaft back and forth 2 or 3 times. this sets the thrust bearing upright and flush to the crankshaft thrust journal. thrust bearing setting is required during engine assembly to allow the crankshaft to spin free. (remember to include the thrust in your final engine assembly torque)
crashbox: a transmission that has been severely modified to allow speedshifting and/or shifting on the fly without a clutch. (see speedshifting)
crew chief: top wrench (see top wrench)
critical mass: situation critical, act immediately. (see China Syndrome)
cropi: to assume the state of deadness.
cropied: dead.
Crosley Healey: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
crotch rocket: a cafe racer bike.
CRT: cathode ray tube.
cruzin': coasting in your favorite rod.
curtain climber: a child 2-4 years old.
cushion: max traction operating surface on a race track against the berm. (see berm) (see intoodeep) (see over the edge)
cyborg: part creature, part machine.
cylinder cc: Move piston to TDC on cylinder bore you wish to cc. Seal the piston ring area with assembly grease. Install head gasket of desired thickness, bolt a presized plastic measuring tool over the cylinder bore being measured. Use a Burette and fill the measuring tool with fluid, the amount used will be the cylinder combustion chamber volume or cc. (see cylinder head cc) (these two cc numbers are necessary when figuring compression ration) (see cc)
cylinder head cc: determine combustion chamber volume by inverting the head and leveling it.   use a Plexiglas plate with a predrilled hole; seal it to the head surface with grease, over the combustion chamber in question.   fill the cavity with fluid measured from a burette.   this will be the combustion chamber volume or "cc". (see cylinder cc) (see cc)
Daimler Benz: the founder of Mercedes Benz. (see Mercedes Benz)
Daimler-Chrysler: a Daimler Benz attempt at commidulation with Chrysler. (see commidulation) (see Daimler Benz)
damage control: assessing damage after a crash or events, attempting to save the car or object.
damages: final price of present excursion.
dampener indexing: after indexing the crankshaft, index the crankshaft dampener. (harmonic balancer) to TDC. (see crankshaft indexing) (see TDC)
Danicka Patrick: an up and coming celebrity female driver May 28, 2005.
dash: a special event race (8 lap sprint) IE: Knoxville, IA Raceway, introducing all countries present from around the world, by running in a dash.
Davis: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
dazzled: shocked, surprised, mezmerized by the blind idiocy before you.
dead player: dead on arrival.
deadly motrim: dynamic energy of an unknown machine or mechanical object operating unmanned and out of control.
deadly piss ant: kinetic energy stored in an inanimate object waiting to strike when tampered with.
Dean Moon: 1937-1987. Moon Racing Speedshop owner.
debris field: 1. area remaining from the current explosion.  2. present box of bull.
debtslider: a nonpay; individual who never pays for anything.
decluckification: the deprogramming of general fears and tensions
decreasing radius curve: a curve in the road that turns inward and does not swing outward.
deliceous paper: Thick, very glossy paper. The company or individuals using this type of paper pass all costs onto the consumer and generally go supernova suddenly (total premature failure) (see supernova)
delta money: equal assets/debt/cash money growth.
democracy: a sheep and two wolves deciding what to have for lunch. freedom is a well-armed sheep contesting the issue.
demolecularization: moving about without a mechanical apparatus. (see translate)
deprogramming booth: zealot deprogramming capabilities to remove incorrect knowledge so you can boot up a fresh info slate.
Desoto Firelight: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Desoto: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
destructions: the manufacturer's opinion of how to assemble something.
Detroit, Michigan: 1.Motor City.  2. Motown.
dial in: 1. a procedure in drag racing to set the time differential in handicap racing or ET racing.  a starter "dials in" the time difference on an electronic starter which allows the slower car to receive a predetermined head start.  2. to tune one's car for maximum performance.
Diamond T: a truck built before the Dim Time and during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
diatribe: a bitter, abusive denunciation of bull _ _ _ _. (see manusia)
dibbit: a small, undefined unit of measurement, especially on a typewriter or CRT.
DIFM: Do It For Me
difugaitie: a moderate-sized screw up or obstacle that must be overcome.
Digital Froward Variance Compliance:
   Digital - locking into specific area.
   Froward - searching to and fro, seeking who he (satan) at an instant may devour whole.
   Variance - discrepancy in searching official permission to bypass regulations.
   Compliance - the situation at hand finally yields to your will.
digitologist: a webmaster with a touch of forensicology. (see forensicolgy)
dilluted: polluted, delusional.
Dim Time: from 1929 to 1955.
Ding: current attack cat.
ditti: a small thingie (see thingie).
DITW: Dead In The Water.
divination: the art or practice that seeks to forsee or fortell future events or discover hidden knowledge by means of augury(a phenomenom believed to portend a future event) or by aid of demonic supernatural powers.
DIY: Do It Yourself
DNF: Did Not Finish.
DOA: Dead On Arrival.
Dodge Brothers: automobiles built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Dodge Challenger: an automobile built in the 1970's.
Dodge Coronet: an automobile built in the 1970's.
Dodge Coronet 500: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Dodge Dart: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Dodge Dart GTS: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Dodge Daytona: an automobile built during the 1970's and the 1980's.
Dodge pickup: a truck built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Dodge Viper: an automobile built during the 1990's and current.
dominional: 1. baptized into the Holy Ghost with cloven tongues of fire. 2. the evidence of being baptized in the holy ghost is speaking with an unknown tongue.
DOS: Disk Operating System.
draconian: a medieval situation. (see stone age)
draganflyer x6 (chopper drone): UAV (unmanned aviation vehicle) a domestic surveillance drone coming to an american"peace officers"precinct near you. ASAP 2012 (see shadow hawk drone)
drama: a complicated snafu style situation. (see snafu)
draumellika: a complicated multifaceted snafu style situation. (see snafu) (see perplexical)
drill press: a tall, upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your soda across the room splattering it all over the bench grinder or other expensive electrical appliances.
droid: a Honda.
Dr. Suess: Theodore Geisel
dry sump: an oiling system in which oil is pumped from an independent reservoir to the engine and back continuously creating ground clearance and high volume oil pressure.
DTAH: Deader Than A Hammer.
dually: a dual wheel Chevy truck.
Duane Hoover: K&B construction worker, Baycity, MI.
dumbo neighborhood: restored building condos in New York City.
Durant Star: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Duryea: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
dwebknot: a baby gweeb. (see gweeb)
dweeb: a clueless, self-centered being.
dzus fastener: (pronounced "zoose") a quarter-turn "quick release" fastener generally used for cowling and side panels on a race car.  Invented by William Dzus in the early 1930's, it was used for securing skin panels on aircraft.
eagle nebula: a plusera of galaxies.
easy rider rifle rack: a rooftop luggage rack.
eats: food. (see food stuff)
ECM: 1. Electronic Control Module. 2. Engine Control Module.
economy: The word economy is not an entity but a noun derived from a current culture's ability to create & sustain wealth.
Edwin Grant: 1945-1990, veteran Sprint car driver.
E.G. "exempli gratia" (latin): for example.
Egypt: 1. not in the general geographic vicinity.  2. not available locally.
eight-foot long steel pipe: used for levering a car upward off a hydraulic jack.
electric hand drill: normally used for spinning steel pop rivets in their holes until you die of old age, but it also works well for drilling rollbar mounting holes in the floor of a sports car just above the brake line that goes to the rear axle.  also useful for breaking drill bits.
elephant: 426 Hemi Chrysler from 1964.
elevator music: classical music.
engine balancing (internal): to internally balance an engine, like all balance jobs, you need rings, bearings, pistons, wrist pin locks, wrist pins, rods, rod bolts, crankshaft, flywheel, harmonic balancer, any and all items used in the rotating mass assembly of the engine. (see rotating mass)
engine balance (external): to externally balance an engine, like all balance jobs, you need rings, bearings, pistons, wristpin locks, wristpins, rods, rod bolts, crankshaft, flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, and harmonic balancer. any and all items used in the rotating mass assembly of the engine. (see rotating mass)
engine blueprint: generally describes blueprinting on paper the dimensions of engine components, tolerances and intended horsepower.
engine death vapor: broken heads on an incorrect wheel drive car causing the exit pipe to spue liquid vapor and reek of burned anti-freeze. (see incorrect wheel drive)
engine line bore: the base of the engine block where the crankshaft lives. the up and down motion of the rods and pistons are turned into rotating motion, spinning the crankshaft in its main bearings in the line bore. (see align boring)
engine sleeve: a ductile iron cylinder liner used in an aluminum block or a cast iron block where you need the cylinder to be a higher tensile strength than the present block material.
engineer: a person willing to proselyte his or herself while making decisions to bring a project or product to reality. (see proselyte)
entreprenuer: one who organizes a business undertaking, assuming the risk, for the sake of the profit.
Essex: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
ET: Elapsed Time - time taken to run the entire "timed portion" of the race course.
ethanol: grain alcohol.
Event Horizon: Entrance of a black hole where space moves faster than light.
Evil Kneivel: Smokey Bear on a 2-wheel motorcycle. (see Smokey Bear)
excommunicated: eliminated.
exit pipe: exhaust pipe.
exit stage left: exit abruptly.
expert: if "x" is an unknown and a spurt is a drip of water under pressure, you could say what we have here is an unknown drip under pressure.
exsponge: the act of successful commidulating, with the intent to cabbage something. (see commidulate) (see cabbage)
expunge: to blot out; erase.
E-Z out bolt and stud extractor: a tool that snaps off in bolt holes and is ten times harder than any known drill bit.
F1: Formula One racing in Europe.
factory: OEM. (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
fade: to dissipate into the background.
failsafe: all options of failure planned for and covered. 99.9% safe. (see bulletproof)
faith: understanding what Jesus did at the cross when he said "it is finished". salvation for all people, if they only believe on him. Jesus is mankind's destiny.
faith (misplaced): faith in anything, object or human, except Jesus Christ (anointed saviour) and what he did at the cross.
fantabulous: fantastic x2.
farewell: fairly well
farm out: far out.
fartsystem: a not-so-discreet system of applying torque, 1 fart, 2 farts, etc.
FASI Automotika: Foremost Automotive Services, Inc Automotika, master fabricators, master engine builders.
fat: too much fuel on the dial in. (see dial in)
fate: the will or belief that is held to determine destiny. the opposite of faith. (See faith)
fateful: conjuring adverse or destructive life events (see conjuring)
F.E.A.R.: false,evidence,appearing,real.
featch: the main event of a sprint car race; feature. a main.
feeding frenzy: piranha at work.
fiasco: a situation on its way to becoming a snafu. (see snafu)
Fiat: Fix It All the Time.
fire chicken: a Pontiac Firebird.
fire stick: a magneto.
firerock: Firestone tire.
firmament: 1. the vault or arch of the sky (Heavens) 2. the expansion of the universe
fixer: 1980 and up car or truck.
flail: to beat unmercifully. i.e. he failed the engine until it exploded. (see beater)
flat: a flat bottomed boat.
flatlander: a southerner.
flavor: a favor.
flop: 1. funny car. (see funny car) 2. overnight sleep spot (British)
flopper: funny car. (see funny car)
Florida: the Orange State.
flow / flowing: a process using a liquid to measure port size of a cylinder head, intake, etc.
flower: 1. a currently unidentified and/or identified object. (see unit) (see goobah) (see thingie) (see dittie)
flutrians: stone age people.
flux core wire: welding wire with the flux in the center of the wire. (see MIG)
fly in the sky: police helicopter.
FM: Foreign Matter.
FOB: 1. Freight On Board. 2. Friends Of Bill.
focal point: Ford Focus.
food stuffs: current food on location. (see track food)
forced induction: any form of a compressor on top of an engine. (see compressor)
F-O-R-D: Ford Motor Company.
Ford: a current car development company.
Ford coupe: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Ford Fairlane: an automobile built in the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's.
Ford Falcon: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Ford Fordor: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Ford Galaxie: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Ford Model A (special coupe): an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Ford Model T (Huckster): a truck built before the Dim Time (see Dim Time)
Ford Motor Company: Started by Henry Ford in 1903.
Ford Mustang: an automobile built during the 1960's to current.
Ford Mustang Mach I: an automobile built during the 1960's and 1970's.
Ford Thunderbird: an automobile built during the 1950's until current.
forensicology: the science of explosion reassembly.
forged steel: a piece of steel that has been drop-forged in a large press to shape it.
fort night: two weeks.
frå - gîle: fragile.
fractal geometry: The hidden dimension showing a visual side to math, explaining creation and objects by design. Discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot.
Franklin: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
friendly: a not-so-straight piece of bodywork.
frigate: a sailing warship.
front door: the leader of a convoy.
frontus indifidus: front wheel drive's indifference to the asphalt roadway.
froward: willfully contrary, backward and forward thinking alternately.
FS: Forever Stupid.
fubar: 1.fouled up beyond all recognition.  2. functional utility bar.
fuel pump rod (lightweight): (Chevrolet only) a hollow steel tube with hardened steel ends which weighs 65% less than the factory solid rod and saves fuel pump springs at high rpm.
fuel shutoff: a shutoff valve to the injectors to empty the fuel lines and shut down the engine.
fueler: 1. top fuel eliminator rail or hydro boat. 2 something that burns nitromethane as a primary source. (see rail) (see hydro)
full boat: fully loaded, every option (see loaded)
full gainer: a piece of race equipment passing its appointed spot on the track in mid-air.
full meal deal: everything on it.
full of bull _ _ _ _: 1. ball of wax.  2. corruptable stuff.
full timer: a bus converted for domestic living and used for traveling full time.
funk: a state of great fear, panic, or deep depression.
funnycar: a drag race car with a fiberglass body shaped like a current passenger car, chassis like a rail, but shorter wheelbase. (see flop) (see rail)
future fatigue: constant pressure applied by society to be better than you are. I.E. banks, business systems, cell phones, computers, copying devices, iPods, digital cameras, camera phones, advanced CDMA phones, television, state boards, federal intervention, federal spying programs, profiling, etc... (see Bill Gatesism)
G-force: Gravitational force.
gas axe: an acetylene torch.
gasser: drag race car competing in a gas/coupe/sedan category.
Galactic cannibalism: Colission of galaxies creating even larger black holes at the center of the newly formed galaxy.
gearhead: a person with cars and machines on the brain, generally a non-domestic individual.
geist: a ghost, spirit (ger).
gespenst: a phantom (ger).
ghost: never knows where anything is or where it was last seen.
glass: short for fiberglass.
glass beading: a process using glass beads to clean an object for paint or assembly.
glitch: electronic millivolt breeches in circuit boards or hard wiring due to poor grounds, voltage fluctuation, or poorly engineered circuits.
global hawk (fixed winged drone): UAV (Unmanned Aviation Vehicle) larger sister of the Reaper Drone used for long, high flight during surveillance operations (see Reaper Drone) (see predator drone)
glomm: a low tech method of attachment, gluing, or to attach oneself to an object or being in a questionable manner. (see gloomontoo)
glommontoo: a pre-existing condition to the conviction of a cabbagist. the act of cabbaging. (see cabbaging)
glue: when left open for the correct time, will produce blurred-vision and hallucinations in nearby mechanics.
GMC: Garage Man's Companion.
GMT: Greenwich Mean Time; the time of the meridian of greenwich used as a basis of world wide standard time.
go ballistic: 1. to go nuts.  2. over the edge.  3. going ted.  (see go postal) (see go ted)
go figure: puzzled or perplexed.
go postal: 1. to go crazy.  2. over the edge.  3. go ballistic. (see go ballistic) (see go ted)
go ted: 1. to go crazy like a fox.  2. to have an imbalance.  3. over the edge. (see go ballistic) (see go postal)
goat: Pontiac GTO.
Gog and magog(hebrew): multitude and magnitude.
gogo juice: fuel.
gone south: failed out, exploded.
goobah: something that you do not know what it is.
goodbye: God be with you.
goodies: hard-core performance items to enhance power.
Government job: Freebee.
Graham Paige: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Grant: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
graveton: a dibbit of space and time. (see dibbit)
gravitate: an attempt to commidulate. (see commidulate)
Gravitational time dilation: Gravitation alters space and time. When time is being recorded in and about a gravitational field, gravitational time dilation must be calculated to determine true time. (example - Global Positioning Satellites have to be set back 38 milliseconds every day to be correct.
greenup: front money.
Grey: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
gridlock: any and all traffic stopped in all lanes of a highway, you will have to get your ticket punched to make this parade move again.
gril - girl: (see Sheila).
grill: to question feverishly in a condescending manner.
grocery getter: a high-performance vehicle docile enough to run errands. (see beater)
groove: the fastest portion of a racetrack.
ground hog guerrilla.(Dachs hund) Ger.(Badger dog): a small dog of german breeding, meant to hunt and retreive badgers from their dens.
groupslide: something only NASCAR can accomplish, too many cars on a small track, 1 greedy manuever and all cars get together to slide in unison down the straightaway, usually during the start of a race.
grumps: grown-ups.
gweeb: a self-centered confiscationist. (see horda)
habeas corpus: (Latin) "Bring the body"; the means by which a person can challenge incarceration by requiring those detaining him or her to justify their reasons for doing so.
habitual: constant repetition.
habichacating: emphatically lamenting about the past and how it might be today if only situations and events would have went your way. (see bench race) (see manusia)
hacker: the stage beyond computer gurudom, one level beyond typical computer info. (see master hacker) (see BillGatesism)
hacksaw: one of a family of tools built on the Ouija board principle. it transforms human energy into a crooked, unpredictable motion, enabling deep scratches to be placed at random all over any object.
half-baked: a being attempting to be up to speed, but never intending to apply themselves in a given situation.
hamburger: a transponder.
hammer: originally employed as a weapon of war, the hammer nowadays is used as a kind of divining rod to locate expensive car parts close to the object we are trying to hit.  can also be used to bend nails.
hammer hammer: hold the throttle down.
hand hammered: built by hand.
handle: 1. huge run in paint.  2. citizens band radio call name.
handshake: the extension of a hand precludes the absence of weapons.
hanger: a small run in paint.
hangin': loitering with intent.
haranque: a tirade.   harass.
HARDAC: Holographic Analytical Reciprocating Digital Computer.
hardness testing: a necessary procedure to test the hardness of a piece of steel you intend to grind, lathe, or weld. will it meet intended blueprint design stress or structure?
harpooned: coerced.  forced.
headers: used to direct exhaust gasses from the exit ports on a cylinder head through a certain tube length for maximum flow and tuned horsepower.
heater: a revolver.
hemi: an engine with hemispherical combustion chambers, not necessarily a Chrysler.
heymanner: a hippie.
HHS: Happy Horse Stuff.
high zoot: top shelf, very best, the maximum, ultimate, the point of a pinnacle, maxed out. (see zoot) (see top shelf) (see top drawer)
Hindenberg: the largest hydrogen filled airship ever built. 1936
hitter: 1. a person with the current activity switch in the on position. 2. a person who never misses his or her objective.
holiday: holy day
Holy Ghost(Holy Spirit): 1. the third person of the triune God head. 2. the creator side of God. 3. the governor of planet earth.
Hoosier: 1. a Indianian.   2. a brand of racing tire.
horda: a perpetual confiscationist.
horizontal: a Plymouth Horizon.
horsetank: a Ford Mustang.
hot lash: 1. best.  2. much zoot.(see zoot)
hot rod: modified cars from 1950 to 1965.
howlie: white man on the island of Hawaii.
hp: horsepower.
html: hypertext markup language.
http: hypertext transfer protocal.
Huckster: 1920's Model T Ford body add-on which created a wood body station wagon.
Hubley Packard: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Hudson: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Hudson Hornet: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Hug truck: a gravel hauling truck built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
hugemota: grandeous.
Huppmobile: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
hydraulic floor jack: used for lowering a GT Falcon to the ground after you have installed a set of Ford Motorsport lowered road springs, trapping the jack handle firmly under the front air dam.
hydrazine: liquid rocket fuel.
hydro: hydroplane, fastest of all drag boats.
hydrogen: 1. an element that has only one proton: it's also the most plentiful gas in the universe.  2. used as the main ingrediant in a hydrogen bomb. (very explosive)  3. used as the gas of choice in a German dirigible during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
hyperbolic zealot: extremely pointed individual void of all reality. (see go ted)
hyperspace: subspace attempt at reality.
I/O: inboard/outboard engine in a boat.
IC: internal combustion.
ice box: white IH Travelall.
Ichabod: the spirit hath departed.
I.E. "I'd est" (latin): that is.
ignominious: total loss of reputation, totally disgraced.
IH Travelall: International's unknown attempt at an SUV in the 1960's and 1970's.
IHBA: International Hot Boat Association.
IHRA: International Hot Rod Association.
illusions of grandeur: the conjuring of a strong delusion.
immodiate: immediate.
implement of destruction: current tool or weapon at hand.
incorrect wheel drive: 1. front wheel drive.  2. the car that killed automobile enthusiasm in America.
Indianian: Hoosier.
Indy: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, Indiana.
ineptocracy (in-ept-oc-ra-cy): a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of the society least likely to sustain themselves, or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers!
inflation: 1. lack of gold in an economy. 2. the expansion of the universe.
injected sled: 1990's and up car or truck.
injection necklace: a necklace made of ball inserts which are sized to your injection stacks to keep foreign debris out of your injection while parked.
internal combustion engine: an object, usually with multiple cylindrical cylinders, 200 cid to 800 cid, used to propel a 4-tired object, preferrably at speed. (see cid)
intoodeep: over the edge of the cushion on a dirt track headed for a ride. (see berm) (see cushion) (see over the edge)
I.Q.: Intelligence Quotient
IRL: Indy Racing League.
Iron: (Fe) Atomic weight of 55.847. Fe Series Ford iron block.
Issac Newton: 1. the father of calculus 2. created the universal law of gravitation 3. an alchemist
JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group. (a data compression format)
Jack: cash.
Jacque Pene: J C Penney.
James A. Dewar: inventor of Twinkies, a cream filled sponge cake. no known food product has a longer shelf life Than A twinkie. Americans consume about 500 million twinkies a year. Chicago, Il consumes more twinkies in America than any other city (2010). (A billboard for twinkle toe shoes inspired James A. Dewar to call his cream-filled sponge cake "twinkies".)
Janju Weed: devils on horseback. Darfur, Africa terrorists.
Jesus: King of the universe. Top wrench of all time.
jet: street jet. a wannabe racer, having zealot like tendencies. (see zealot)
jet boat: a tunnel style boat using a hydropump/waterjet for propulsion.
Jewett: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Jimmy Joe Meeker: an oil baron.
John Lingenfelter: 1945-2003. an NHRA driver, engineer and legendary tuner. established Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE).
johnson rod: a commoner linguistics automotive part.
juxtapose: to place side by side
Kaiser Frazier: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
kao'd: trashed. destroyed. dead.
karate: empty hands
karooned: DOA. (see DOA)
kavorka: the lure of the animal.
keck telescope: a large spectrascope.
keep the rubber side down: keep the car on all four tires.
keep your rubberband stretched real tight: keep the throttle on.
Kel Varnsen: employee at Vandelay Industries.
keulio: way cool.
khz: kilohertz. 1,000 hertz.
kicked a hinge: exploded (see window)
kill switch: 1 of 2 switches used to kill magneto voltage to stop engine ignition.
killer: high zoot. (see zoot).
KISS (engineering principle): keep it simple, stupid.
kit: part of your collection (see mess kit).
kitschy: something often of poor quality that appeals to popular or low brow taste.
knert: a hexagonal nut.
knitted: when an engine pulls hard during maximum efficiency; "maxed out".
knocker: a 5.7 GM diesel.
knothead: a unit with pre-opticrectalitis tendecies forming. (see opticrectalitis) (see unit)
Knoxville, Iowa Raceway: the fastest 1/2 mile outlaw sprint car dirt track in the world.
KP: Kitchen Police.
kuneuter valve: a commoner linguistics automotive part.
kw: kilowatt. 1,000 watts.
L.A.M.E.: couldn't hit their butt with both hands tied behind their back.
labyrinth: a maze.
land office business: maximum business
land shark: 1. a human-eating shark that lives on land.  2. investment broker.  3. law enforcement official.
latent: present but not visible or active
lawn head: one who attempts to make his lawn a golf green. one who mows three times a week.
LBS (Libra) (Latin): scales, balances (plural). a Roman unit of mass, similar to a pound. this is the origin of the abreviation.
lead sled: a 1950's full-bodied hotrod that's been customized and reshaped using lead as a body filler.
leanout valve: distribution block on an injection that goes over center to a smaller fuel range to lean out an engine under a load.
leanout: to decrease the amount of fuel being fed to an engine on the big end for maximum horsepower. (see leanout valve)
L.E.D.: Light Emitting Diode (see Rick Holonyak)
left field: out of it.
legs: dollar bills.
LIDAR: Laser Infrared Detecting And Ranging.
lifer: a permanent employee whether desired or not.
limper: a car driven in for repairs with ECM in limp-in mode.
Lincoln Continental: an automobile built during the Dim Time until current. (see Dim Time)
liquid wrench: an acetylene torch.
Lisa Meitner: a scientist who split the uranium atom and created nuclear fusion in 1938.
litany: a racer tends to cover up his mistakes with a litany of bull.   he builds a case story and recites it until he believes it himself and acts on it. (see manusia)
loaded: "fully optioned". weapons loaded.
locals: common people residing in the current culture.
locking: searching.
locknut: 1. an individual vehemently holding on to incorrect technology, ideas, or belief system. 2. a mindless jerk. (see zealot)
longitudinal fix: a sideways move - nothing accomplished.
low zoot: regular stuff, low end. (see zoot).
mag: magneto, a self-contained ignition system that creates its own current.
magnaflux: a process where you magnetize a piece of metal (i.e. a crankshaft) and flow liquid iron particles over it. these particles will form around a crack and be verified by a black light.
maiden voyage: first time out.
malfunction defunction: what failed?
mallory: a heavy metal used in a crankshaft throw to increase weight for balancing purposes.
mammal: usually a troublesome, stubborn object, goobahish in quality, choadie-like, defined or undefined object. (see goobah) (see choadie)
mandate: 1. unanimous agreement.   2. the will of constituents expressed to their representatives legislature, etc...
Manhattan Project: a project to build a nuclear bomb in 1942 which was hidden in New York City.
maniacal: 1. affected with or suggestive of madness 2. frantic
manusia: a huge, condescending explanation of bull _ _ _ _.
MAPP (methyl acetylene propadiene) gas soldering: hotter than propane, you can solder heavier objects in copper and steel. (see propane soldering)
MAPP (methyl acetylene propadiene) gas welding: MAPP gas is processed and stored in larger containers than acetylene (more stable) and easier to feed a job site manifold. It is also cleaner to weld and cut with. (see acetylene welding)
Mark Twain: pen name of Samuel Longhorn Clemens. 1835-1910.
Marmon: a truck build during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Martin Cooper: cell phone inventor (1973).
massless anti-matteric gravitoid: the condition of matter at the center of a massive black hole.
massless black holes: entry portal to a different time and space continuum.
master hacker: virus creator capabilities with no intent, having busted "BillGatesism" in the cyber world. (see BillGatesism)
maxed out: maximum extension.
maximum perplexical: total and complete indecision.
Maxwell: 1. an automobile built before the Dim Time (see Dim Time).  2. this automobile also became what we know as Chrysler.
mechanic's knife: used to open and slice through the contents of cardboard cartons delivered to your front door; works particularly well on boxes containing convertible tops an tonneau covers.
melodrama: mega convoluted snafu-style situation, totally perplexing.
meltlink: a pregnant mother cat.
meltric: metric.
mental pollusion: an illusion of the mind, moving to and fro, never coming to a conclusion or decision. (see pollusion)
mentor: a real life teacher. (as opposed to an institutional teacher)
Mercedes Benz: 1. the daughter of Daimler Benz.  2. a German car company. (see Daimler Benz)
Mercury Comet: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Mercury Coupe: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Mercury Monterey: an automobile built during the 1960's and 1970's.
Mercury pickup: a truck built in the 1960's.
mess kit: a military catchall, e.i."Put this in your mess kit."
metagossimorphis: demon driven intent to retrieve information about something or someone without actually asking the person or source a direct question, using voodoo metamorph tactics and relying on generally spread gossip to secure an answer that suits or fits your needs.
metal expansion (non alloy steel): .000006 per degree of heat change up or down.
metamorph: shape shifter.
metamorphi: a bevy of shape shifters.(see bevy)
methanol: wood alcohol.
metric wrench: an adjustable wrench.
MIA: Missing In Action.
midland speech: midstates speech.
MIG: Metal Inert Gas. (wire spool feed)
mileage: a vile swear word.
mill: 1. a race engine described so by the locals.  2. to mill a head or block deck surfaces to increase compression.
mindmeld: the commidulation of 2 minds for complete understanding. (see cloning) (see commidulation)
mineral spirits: AKA paint thinner, enamel thinner, stuff that's used for wetting metal parts.   also used for adhering paint brushes to containers (note: process takes approximately one month).  this chemical can be used in place of any other chemical with reduced efficiency.
Mishy: Mitsubishi Motors Corp.
mo bile: mobile.
mo: mother.
mob psychology: run for the exit.  run for your life.   companion trampling included.
mocus: an identifiable pre-Adamic ooze.
mocking bird: the bird of prophecy.
modus operandi: a condition of general operation.
mohachon: a warlock.
moly: 1. molybdenum.   2. used to make alloyed steel.
mondo: huge.
monfort lane: left lane. the fast lane on a multi-lane highway. (i.e. monfort trucks traveling at speed from Longmont, CO to Dubuque, IA)
Moon: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
moose milk: 1 part ballistol, 10 parts water
Morton, Illinois: pumpkin capital of the world. (see punkin' chuckin')
moto: Motorola mobile.
Motor City: Detroit.
motrim: an unknown machine or mechanical object capable of dynamic energy in a static state (not operating).
mouse: a small block Chevy (not to be confused with a computer input device).
mover head: a shaker.
mph: miles per hour.
muffler bearing: a commoner linguistics automotive part.
Muddy Waters (McKinley (Kelly) Morganfield): a bus driver from Chicago. 1913-1983. an American blues musician and considered to be "the Father of Chicago blues".
mung: aged and/or fermented unidentifiable pre-Adamic ooze.
muscle car: oem midsize two door with an increased horsepower large V8 engine built during the 1960's and early 1970's.
must not have white space: a delirious disease caused by Depression Era thinking, you must use all of the paper or screen.
nackaduct: a delta-shaped air inlet used in cars, airplanes, jets, etc... for outside air intake without interrupting air flow across the machine's surface.
nada: no where to be found.
Nanotrilon: Holy Ghost Hyperspace Parameter Bouy.
narcissism: a person preoccupied with self and his or her accomplishments, dominating a conversation.
NASA: National Aeronautics ans Space Administration.
NASCAR: 1. National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing formed in 1948.   2. taxi cab.  3. vehicles with fenders protruding beyond the tires.  4. sheetmetal.  5. the equivalent of WWF (World Wrestling Federation) in automobile racing.
Nash-Airflight: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Nash / Erskine: a 1930's 4-wheeler built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time) (see 4-wheeler)
Nash Metropolitan: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Nash Rambler: pre-American Motors automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Nashcan: American Motors Corporation product.
nasty away: to die old, crippled and defeated in spirit.
needle-nose pliers: used when attempting to retrieve small components which have fallen into a hidden crevice within the engine bay. in an emergency, can be used to round off bolts heads.
nefarious: very wicked.
nermal: normal.
nervous nelson: anxious fidget.
neutrino: 1. the ghost particle.  2. the ghost of the particle world.  3. the mechanics of being a life-sustained unit by the Holy Ghost without interferance by man.  4. how you gain supernatural strength via the Holy Ghost, without the help of man at any location, asking God to help in the Spirit.
NAPA: National Auto Parts Association.
NHRA: National Hot Rod Association.
NIB: New In Box.
nice 'em to death: to kill with kindness.
nightmare: a caustic situation or state of mind developing physically before your very eyes in real life.
niner: a 9/16" wrench.
nitriding: a pickling process to make a .002" or deeper depth of greater hardness on a piece of lesser hardness steel. (see tuftriding)
nitrogen: a moistureless, inert gas that does not expand when heated. used to fill race car tires or any application that needs to be moisture-free.
nitromethane: 1. a liquid petroleum distilate.  2. unusually volatile when compressed.
nitromonic compromise: an explosive and non-agreeable compromise.
nitrous oxide: N2O, an inert gas (fuel oxidizer), no fuel value, non-flammable.
no box: no electronic engine controls/timers/rev control used during course of race event (drag racing).
nocturnal: night dweller.
noel: now all is well
non de kemp: N/A (not applicable).
non-destructive testing: testing an object's effectiveness without actually destroying it. (see hardness testing) (see magnuflux)
non-welder's welder: MIG (see MIG)
no "packy" parts: chevrolet only, no 426 Chrysler Hemi "elephant" parts.
normalizing: stress-relieving the object at hand by heating, blasting, and/or vibrating it until it's completely neutralized and all stresses have been removed.
NOS: Nitrous Oxide Systems. "New Old Stock".
NSRA: National Street Rod Assocation.
nuff: enough.
nuffsade: enough said.
nugi: newly replaced human in a work capacity state.
nukum pucky: generally used in leak stoppage, crack filling and muck ducking. (see snur)
nungi: to stroke your gills.
nutball: a psychotic.
OAD: Overactive Adrenalin Disorder.
Oakland: an automobile built before the Dim Time, which latter became the Pontiac. (see Dim Time)
office: cockpit.
offisheeal: official.
okbye: a response to good-bye, meaning "later".
Olds Cutlass Rallye 350: an automobile built in the 1970's.
Olds Model 66 Sedanette: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
on your head: upside down in a sprint car.
one lunger: Briggs and Stratton 1 cylinder engine.
onion: union.
oomphas: little people.
oopha lomphas: little people.
opticrectalitis: cranial rectal inversion in its latter stages constant implementation. (no known treatment for this stage of the disease)
origami: the Japanese art of folding paper.
orschlog: buckethead. (see schmendrick)
oval: generally describes turning left (an American form of racing) on a formed round or otherwise oval track, dirt or asphalt.
over the edge: over the berm. (see berm) (see cushion) (see intodeep)
Overland/Whippet: 1. an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)  2. this time also ends the Overland.
P3 Plymouth coupe: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Packard Clipper Custom: one of the last cars to be built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Packard Carribean: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Packard: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
pale male: a New York City, Central Park, red-tailed hawk.
paper clip plaza: Peoria, Illinois courthouse.
panel queen: an automobile with complete body panels replaced, no bondo.
paraclete: Holy Spirit. comforter. the governor of planet earth.
parade: monfort lane of a 4-lane highway jammed with cars. (see monfort lane)
parisanne: a Pontiac Parisienne.
pc: personal computer.
peace officer: state or county police.
peach: unadulterated, virgin, pure, a piece of perfection.
pelican: a Pontiac Sunbird.
perplexical: a twisted cluster of indecision. (see froward) (see draumellika)
perplexity: 1. twisted.   2. to make a person uncertain, doubtful, and confused. 3. searching for a means without an end.
Pete Bilker: K&B construction worker, Baycity, MI.
ph: percent hydrogen ion
phaeton: an open body style vehicle with front and back seating, no rollup windows and a removable windshield.
phalanx: to move in close formation.
phase lock loop: the temporary end of time and space continuum.
Phillips screwdriver: normally used to stab the lids off old-style paper and tin oil cans and splash oil on your shirt; can also be used, as the name implies, to round off Phillips screw heads.
piecemeal: one piece part at a time, shipped from many locations on the planet surface, for the project at hand.
piecesparts: parts.
pig rat: a kitty.
pigeon: simplified English.
pilfer: to plunder.  to cabbage.
pillage: the act of plundering.
pink arrow: arrow turning red at the entrance of an intersection.
pink light: light turning red at the entrance of an intersection.
pink tomato: a hot house grown tomato tasting much like plastic, passed off in fine restaurants as a real garden variety tomato that is grown in the natural sunlight.
pipey: maximum torque and horsepower made by a 2-stroke when it's on the pipe. total efficiency out of the size motor involved.
piston claying: when working with a high compression bullet, it is imperative to measure valve to piston clearance.  place molding clay on top of the piston fly cuts and rotate engine crankshaft assembly one complete revolution to check static clearance between pistons and valves, then remove the head and check the molding clay with a micrometer.   remember, you need more clearance with aluminum rods than steel.  check the blueprint. (see bullet) (see fly cut) (see static clearance)
piston (dynamic clearance): once a new engine combination has been assembled and all static clearances are met per blueprint, you're ready for the acid test. on your first race weekend, run it hard. having done so, remove the spark plugs and insert your borescope and look at piston domes, valuve reliefs, cylinders, valves, etc ... no unusual marks should appear. (see static piston clearance)
piston (static clearance): appropriate piston clearance met at the deck and intake valve as per engine blueprint.
piston fly cut: valve relief cut into the top of a piston.
pitch and yaw: incorrectly built suspension on a car or truck causing it to seem like it's wagging its tail while oscillating. (see incorrect wheel drive)
pitchman: 1. salesman 2. one who sells merchandise on the streets or from a concession.
plain brown wrapper: an unmarked state police car.
plain white wrapper: a Smokey Bear's car with no markings. (see Smokey Bear)
pliers: used to round off bolt heads or to pinch the skin between a mechanic's thumb and forefinger.
plunder: the act of a cabbagist.  (see cabbagist)
plusera: many. (see eagle nebula)
Plymouth 5-window Coupe: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Plymouth Barracuda: an automobile built during the 1960's and the 1970's.
Plymouth Duster: an automobile built in the 1970's.
Plymouth Fury: an automobile built during the 1960's and the 1970's.
Plymouth GTX (Hemi): an automobile built in the 1960's.
Plymouth Valiant: an automobile built during the 1960's and the 1970's.
poignant moignant: pregnant mother kitty cat.
poignant: pregnant.  ready.  prepare to start.
pollusion: generally a moving illusion.
Pontiac Business coupe: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Pontiac Catalina: an automobile built during the 1960's and the 1970's.
Pontiac Catalina (Super Deluxe): an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Pontiac Chieftan: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Pontiac Firebird: an automobile built during the 1960's to current.
Pontiac GTO Judge: an automobile built in the 1960's.
pontificate: to deliver dogmatic opinions
pop: nitromethane.
popstand: a place of business.
porch: a Porsche.
postopticrectalitis: cranial rectal inversion, permanent extraction. (extraction must be verified by 2 or more persons of the same profession as the previously infected individual.) many problems occur with optic nerve damage and motor skill coordination, mental stability is never fully regained. many patients die from old age before the process of deprogramming is completed. this disease is seldom completely treatable. (see opticrectalitis) (see zealot) (see deprograming booth)
ppps: post, post, post, script.
pps: post, post, script.
pre-Adamic: from when the earth's crust was cool until the creation of man.
pre-clovis: early stone age development.
pre-ignition: when the air/fuel mixture ignites before the spark plug fires.
predator (fixed winged drone): UAV. (Unmanned Aviation Vehicle) (see reaper drone) (see global hawk drone)
preefectico: perfect.
prefectimoondoh: perfect.
preminated: made permanent.
premonition: previous warning
preopticrectalitis: early experimentation of cranial rectal inversion. because of temporal natural light and oxygen exposure, this stage of the disease is treatable. (see opticrectalitis) (see zealot) (see deprogramming booth)
prezactly: exactly.
prible: 1. the elitist of a current culture.  2. a privilaged person of the current culture.
primadonna: a person exibiting prezealot tendicies, believing in their mind they have reached the highest level. they are untouchable. this is the last stage of pride before zealotdom sets in (see zealot) (see narcissism)
pro-street: modified street machine with rear wheel tubs, tube chassis, with or without compressors.
procure: to go search for and bring back.
prognosticate: to fortell from signs or symptoms.
project poltergeist: the search for elusive neutrinos which are important in the making of a star.
PROM: Programmable Read-Only Memory. (electronic chip)
propane soldering: a hand-held torch used when soldering copper or tin.
prophecy: the God inspired utterance of a prophet predicting something to come.
prophet: one who utters divinely inspired revelations. one who fortells future events.
prophetic: the characteristic of a prophet. (See prophecy)
prophesy: to speak or utter by divine inspiration.
propylene oxide: a liquid fuel oxidizer.
proselyte: one who has been converted from one belief system or sect to another.
protestant: prophesying and testifying
PS: Postscript.
PSI: Pounds per Square Inch.
psychedelic: delusionary condition.
psycho babble: unrealistic speech.
puketank: water or oil overflow container.
pull out all the stops: run the engine wide open. (see nitromethane)
pumpkin: a removable gear set. differential.
pumpkin chuckin: a contest of throwing a perfectly good pumpkin, with a catapult, air cannon, or other means for the greatest distance possible (see Morton, Illinois).
Punxsutawney Phil: the ground hog in question who may or may not see his shadow on February 2nd of each year in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.
pushrod guide plate: a hardened piece of steel bolted through the rocker studs to guide the push rods.
push water: fuel
put the hammer down: full throttle.
pyro: a unit freelancing in a self study of pyrotechnics. (see unit)
quantum mechanics: discovered by Elsenberg in 1938.
quark: smallest known particle of matter.
quisling: 1. one who helps the invaders of one's own country 2. one who commits treason (see treason)
rachet jaw: someone who runs at the mouth constantly. (see bench race) (see habichacate)
rack the throttle: accelerate from idle stop to wide open throttle stop.
RADAR: Radio Detecting And Ranging.
rag: a magazine.
rags: tires.
ragtop: convertible.
rail: a dragster.
rain crow: mourning dove.
range rat: dirt farmer.
rat: a big block Chevy.
rattler: a 6.2 GM diesel.
raycon: racoon.
reaper (fixed winged drone): UAV (unmanned aviation vehicle) 30,000 pound payload, unveiled 4/20/07. (see predator drone) (see global hawk drone)
red-light: to leave a stage light early.
redundancy: requires an immediate answer to verify understanding.
    * Know what I mean?
    * See what I'm talking about?
    * Hear what I'm saying?
    * Did you catch my drift?
    * Get my meaning?
    * Comprende?
    * with me on this?
    * see where I'm coming from?
         ... confused? (see yano)
refrigerator: an international travel-all, icebox.
regroup: the process after a thrash, of tool cleanup. (see thrash)
rent-a-crowd: borrowed crowd for a photo opp.
REO Speedwagon: a truck built before the Dim Time and during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
Republic truck: a truck built before the Dim Time and during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
rex: a common brown rabbit.
RFC: Racers for Christ.
RFI: Radio Frequency Interference.
Rick Holonyak: inventor from Illinois who invented the first L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) 1962
Rickenbaker: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
rigg: stiff.
Rock Lannigan: K&B construction worker, Baycity, MI.
rocker stud girdle: a girdle or split aluminum bar tightened around rocker stud adjusting nuts to eliminate rocker stud movement caused by high lift roller camshafts and high rpm engines.
rocker (aluminum roller): a type of rocker used on a zinger engine for rocker arm weight loss and constant high rpm use. (see zinger)
rocker (offset): used to navigate around large ports in a race cylinder heads during engine building.
rocker (roller): needle bearing pivot, needle bearing roller tips.
rocker (shaft roller): roller rocker arms, shaft-mounted, for maximum non-flex high RPM use.
rockin' chair: a position generally describing the slow lane on a 4-lane highway whereby you sandwich your car in between two 18-wheelers, one in front, one in back and one on the left side, to purposely block a peace officer's intrusion during a high speed chase, this is generally a mutual orchestration by truckers and a person needing a "rockin' chair". (see 18-wheeler)
Rockwell "C" scale: using an SAE graded "C" scale on a Rockwell hardness tester.
roger, wilco, and out : roger (I understand), wilco (will comply), and out (signing off). i.e. Roger Ramjet.
roller lifter: a solid lifter with a roller mounted in the bottom of the lifter case. lifter guides keep the roller square to the lobe. ( see roller camshaft)
rollers: temporary tires to roll a car.
rolling refinery: 18 wheeler carrying petroleum products.
Ronnie Sox: 1938-2006 veteran Drag racer.
roost: the commotion of water created by the propellor behind a high HP hydro boat. (see hydro)
rotating mass: weight of the rod stack including bearings, x-amount of cylinders, pistons, wrist pins, pin locks, crankshaft, flywheel and harmonic balancer.
RPM: revolutions per minute.
RSVP répondez s'il vous plaît. (please reply)
rugger: a child 1-2 years old.
runner: liar.
SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers.
sand hog: New York City water tunnel workie.
sandbag: 1. slowing before the timing traps to avoid being disqualified in an E.T. race situation.    2. deliberately going slow to confuse the competitor. (see sleeper)
sand blasting: a process using sand as a medium to clean metal or wood objects before painting.
scarf: devour.
schatten: a shadow.  a spectre. (ger)
schism: 1. the act or process of dividing, discord 2. a formal division in or separation from a religious body.
schmectical: someone making a scene.
schmectoid: the offspring of a brainless male dolt.
schmectus: a brainless male dolt on the move.
schmendrick: a poor human soul.
schmleck: a brainless male dolt.
schmuck: a bag man.
Schmuckatelli: Joe the Ragman.
scratch: green money.
scuba: Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.
seapuppy: a furry velour blanket.
search & seize: to confiscate.
seat cover: a female riding shotgun in the adjoining automobile or truck. (see shotgun)
sectioned: a vehicle with the length altered.
self commencer: starter.
SEMA: Speed Equipment Manufacturer's Assocation formed in 1963, which is now, Specialty Equipment Market Association.
serfies: surface dwellers.
sh_ _ _ & giggles: for fun.
shadow hawk (chopper drone): UAV (unmanned aviation vehicle) a domestic surveillance drone coming to an american "peace officers" precinct near you ASAP 2012. (see draganflyer x6 drone)
shaft: 1. cylindrical object. 2. crankshaft. 3. camshaft. 4. oil pump driveshaft, etc…
shaker: a window AC unit.
shakey: no zoot. (see zoot) (see cheesy)
shakin': smokin'. (see smokin')
shaman: a priest or priestess who uses magic to cure the sick, to divine the hidden, and control events. (see witch doctor)
shape shifter: a comlara.
shazam: 1. far out.  2. unbelievable.  3. extraordinary.
sheet time: crash injury time.
sheila: girl (see gril)
shekhina: the supernatural presence of the glory of God.
shill: 1. one who acts as a decoy (as for a pitchman). 2. internet scam (see pitchman).
shotgun: 1. a Boss 429 Ford hemi engine.  2. to ride in the right front passenger seat.
shovit: a Chevrolet Chevette.
sideskirts: the lower half of ground effects; usually the rubber extending to the terra firma.
six pack: a triple 2-barrel carburetion package.
skins: bias belt tires.
slacker: a person who is delinquent in their duties.
slammed: a vehicle built close to the ground.
slammer: a 4-door Chevy dually. (see dually)
slamtrack: the non-crashworthy Amtrak passenger train.
slap happy: demon on money.
sleeper: a driver who assesses his position on a track even so much as tampering with his opponent, and 4 laps before the finish drives around him to take the lead lap. (see sandbag)
slider: 1. a quick fit.  2. a White Castle hamburger, loose ground beef sandwich heavily lubricated.   3. a special racing clutch that is designed to slip during the initial phase of a drag race.
slog: long haul. a steady, hard workload.
slowski: hello.
smog: smoke and fog. a word coined by the French scientist Dr. Harold Antoine Des Voeux in 1905 at a health symposium in London, England.
Smokey Bear: peace officer; generally state. (see peace officer)
smokin': full throttle, no tire shake.
smuckoangelo: head artisan.
snafu: situation normal, all fouled up.
snail mail: U.S. mail.
Snap-On gasket scraper: theoretically useful as a sandwich tool for spreading mayonnaise and peanut butter.
snarfty: covered in mung.
sneeze: a situation that occurs when valves are not seating or shutting properly. if the engine sports a compressor, cylinder pressure will cause the compressor to be blown off the engine, thus sneezing the compressor. (see cough) (see whoof) (see sports) (see compressor)
sniping: early 1900's game where you were usually left holding the bag.
snitt: 1. a state of agitation 2. a condition of the mind that ensues when you do not get your own way, causing latent maniacal tendencies to rear their ugly head (see pollusion) (see latent) (see maniacal)
snow flake man (Wilson a Bentley): 1880's documented discovery that no two snowflakes are alike.
snur (resznik): an unidentifiable pre-Adamic ooze.
SOHC: Ford 427 single overhead cam engine from 1969.
solder gun: for working with circuit boards and electrical components. (see propane soldering)
sonic cleaning: a cleaning solution dipping bath agitated with sound waves.
spaceificaton: the graduated art of putting 50 gallons of s_ _ _ in a 5 gallon bucket.
spam consumption: 264 cans of spam a minute 2012
special nightmare: a particularly unusual caustic situation. (see nightmare)
speedshifting: shifting on the fly using a severly modified transmission with straight cut gears and modified synchronizer flutes.
Sponge Bob Square Pants: a character who lives in a pineapple under the sea.
sponge: a 16"/17" tire.
spontaneous resumption: the coming to life after a frozen state.
sports: fully equiped with.
spot check: all hands on the table or in the air (hand check).
squealer: a person who betrays a secret or turns informer
Stanley Steamer: 1. an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time).  2. not to be confused with the current carpet cleaners.
step off: go away.
stock car: taxi cab. (see NASCAR)
stone age: after the cooling of the earth's crust until 33 A.D. (see the before time) (see Dim Time)
stovebolt: early Chevy six cylinder engine.
straight skinny: 1. what's going down for real.  2. the truth.
street machine: modified cars from 1966 to current.
street rod: modified cars from the beginning of time until 1948.
string theory: the movement of space and time; the theory of quantum math used to maintain all current events.
stroked: increased throw of rod pin journal from stock location on a crankshaft. (see crankshaft offgrinding)
stroker: an engine with the rod pin journal off ground or made to desired size from center line of the crankshaft.
stubborness: is a form of witchcraft (see witchcraft)
Studdies: Studebakers. (see Stude)
Stude: Studebaker. (see Studdies)
Studebaker Avanti: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Studebaker Lark: an automobile built in the 1960's.
Studebaker Rockne: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
stupid money: money spent without reason.
submerged arc: a MIG welder with the proper hardness wire at use. Resin flux is metered around the welding wire as the shield during operation.
subspace communicator: a transceiver device mounted externally on a humanoid ear.
subterfuge: any plan or action used to hide or evade.
suit: a banker.
sun chicken: a Pontiac Sunbird.
super nova: 1. wrong technology and a definite meltdown of all components in the foreseeable future. 2. the light and temperature of 4 billion earth suns during explosion; this event creates a black hole. (see China syndrome)
superfluous knothead: a maximum obstructionist.
supernatural: not molested by human hands.
symmetrical: balanced.
symmetry: correspondence of opposite parts in size, shape and position.
tag: child. (see chitlin) (see unit)
taking a bath: when the current culture makes a shift, all regular income is off until you can figure out what to sell or do.  2. a situation where total and complete financial ruin ensues.
talking heads: excitable chickens usually related to news reporting.
tangent: 1. to change suddenly to another line of action.   2. angling for something else.
tankin: going broke.
target: ocean-going fighter vessel.
taxicab: stock car. (see NASCAR)
TCB: Taking Care of Business.
TDC: top dead center. (piston at top of stroke)
tech: safety or technical inspection of a race car.
technofright: total oblivion to electronics, causing great fear to ensue.
tell tale tach: a tach with a spare needle used to record the highest engine rpm. (for the engine builder)
Texas: 1. fruit cake capital of the world.   2. fruit cakes come in all shapes, weights, and sizes.
TFJ: Top Fuel Jet.
the Before Time: a period of time at the end of the stone age until 1929. (see stone age)(see Dim Time)
the eighth wonder of the world: Boulder Dam. (Hoover Dam).
the operative: the plan.
the point: the front, direction in which a machine needs to head.
the skinny: the deal.
the theory of everything: string theory. (see string theory)
thingie: a goobah that looks useful yet it resides in its undefined state. (see goobah)
thrash: 1. wrenches at warp speed on a project. (see wrench) 2. attempting to align objects or people who refuse to come into alignment. (see Digital Froward Variance Compliance)
thrasher: a wrench at warp speed. (see wrench)
Thunder Chicken: a Ford Thunderbird.
thunker: single cylinder belt driven air compressor.
ti_ _-up broke: dead broke.
ti_ _-up: dead.
tiffany (Greek): the appearance of God.
TIG: Tungsten Inert Gas. (hand held wire feed)
time trial (circle track): each car must time trial for starting position.   time is recorded during two fast time trial laps to determine starting line up.  cars with similar times mesh together so during startup, no one car is greatly faster than the car beside it.
timing light: a stroboscopic instrument for illuminating grease buildup on crankshaft pulleys.   the attached leads are useful for becoming entangled in the fan of a running engine, rendering the entire instrument suddenly useless.
tip the can: add some nitromethane.
tire shake: bad happenings at the big end, tire bounce from elliptical down force created by severe cylinder compression.
titanium (TI): atomic weight 47.90.
tom custer: 1939 - 2010 veteran sprint car driver.
to the dirt: nosed in. crashed. not savable.
toolies: weeds, i.e. "off in the toolies". off the track surface and into the toolies.
top drawer: best.
Top Fuel: nitromethane burning racing paraphernalia.
top shelf: very best.
top wrench: maximum master mechanic.  not to be confused with Mr. Goodwrench.
torque (final engine): final main/rod bearing torque before oil pan is installed over rotating assembly.
torque (stretch bolt method): a process where bolt length is measured for final torque as opposed to SAE bolt torque.
tormentors: lawyers.
tortilla snapper: a child 4-7 years old.
toy: a Toyota.
track food: 1. current food at a race track.  2. local food. (see choke and puke)
trailer queen: a car that is trailered to a car show.
train wreck: complete cataclysmic diasaster.
translate: 1. instantaneous molecular displacement.  2. to move a physical distance without a car, train, or plane. (see demolecularization)
traps: timed lights at the big end. (see big end)
traitor: 1. one who betray's another's trust or is false to an obligation 2. one who commits treason
Trash Can: a Chevy Geo.
treason: 1. the offense of attempting to overthrow the government of one's country or of assisting its enemies in war 2. the betrayal of a trust
trible: a small furry animal in hyperspace.
trick: magnificent.  flawless.
trickosmiko: way trick. (see trick)
tripe: worthless nonsense. bull _ _ _ _. (see litany) (see manusia) (see diatribe)
triskaidekaphobia: the fear of 13.
triune: being three in one
tritium: a radioactive form of hydrogen with one proton and two neutrons in its nucleus and three times the mass of ordinary hydrogen.
troglodyte: prehistoric man, cave dwellers.
trouble light: the mechanic's own tanning booth; sometimes called a drop light, it's a good source of vitamin D, "the sunshine vitamin", which is not otherwise found under cars at night.   health benefits aside, its main purpose is to consume 75 watt light bulbs at about the same rate that 105-mm howitzer shells might be used during, say, the first few hours of the Battle of the Bulge.   more often dark than light, its name is somewhat misleading.
truck: stock car. (see NASCAR)
true roller: timing chain, a Cloyes original.
TRW: the Cleveland Capscrew Company.
Tucker: an automobile built during the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
tuftriding: a pickling process to make a shaft surface harder. (see nitriding)
turning into a pumpkin: if you stay past midnight, you'll turn into a pumpkin.
turtur dove (latin): turtle dove known for its soft cooing sounds, not unlike the mourning dove, yet different.
tweech: a small undefined unit of measurement describing movement of graphics up, down, left, or right on a PC/CRT. (see tweechification)
tweechification: the art of moving a piece of graphics left, right, up, or down, one tweech at a time until positioned exactly where you want it. (see tweech) (see dibbit)
two-ton hydraulic engine hoist: a handy tool for testing the tensile strength of ground straps and hydraulic clutch lines you may have forgotten to disconnect.
Tyrone P. Jackson: guardian angel gone bad.
UDRA: United Drag Racing Association.
UMP: United Midwest Promotions (stock car sanctioning body)
unblown: naturally aspirated.  no compressors.
unification: space and time (general relativity).
unit: 1. an object, machine, or person capable of producing mechanical functions.  2. a two-legged person over ten years old.
unmitigated: being so definitley what is stated as to offer little chance of change or relief.
USAC: United States Auto Club.
used: spare.
valve spring seat cup: a hardened steel cup that the valve spring sits in and slips snugly over the valve guide boss to keep valve springs from walking all over the head.
valve stem caps: hardened steel valve stem caps used on valve stems to dissipate heat and protect titanium valve stems.
valve stem keepers (10º): double the strength of a 7º keeper.
Valvoline (engine oil): clearly the best.
Vandelay Industries: manufacturer of latex products.
vaporized: became anti-matter before your very eyes.
variable valve timing: a system to hydraulically retard the camshafts in order to increase high-end engine torque and rpm.
VE (Volumetric Efficiency): the measurement of internal combustion engine flow characteristics to determine theoretical horse power. measurements needed to formulate VE:
* carburetor/injection air valve, flow rate data
* intake manifold flow rate data
* camshaft size data
* cylinder size/compression ratio
* cylinder head flow rate data (intake/exhaust ports)
* header (tube size/length/collecter/no collecter)
vegging: to assume the mental state of a vegetable; temporarily stepping away from the office of the mind. (see vegicating) (see chillin)
vegicating: vegging.
vegication: mental vacation.
Velie: an automobile built before the Dim Time.  (see Dim Time)
ventilate: to explode an engine block. (see window) (see whooff)
vice-grips: used to round off bolt heads. if nothing else is available, they can also be used to transfer intense welding heat to the palm of your hand.
viper: cop.
Von Dutch (Kenny Howard): 1929-1992. beatnik. custom pinstriper.
VTOL: vertical takeoff and landing.
warp speed: any speed beyond the speed of light.
water closet: shower.
wave: to wiggle something with microwaves.
way worn: used to the max.
way: the positive answer to no way.
waylaid: blind sided.
webmaster: website design engineer.
welding (spray transfer): spray transfer welding is used for shaft buildup cast iron repair, etc.
welding (thermal kinetic): welding in an oven with a temperature-controlled atmosphere surrounding the work piece.
what a peach: it's perfect.
what'cha on the doin' angle?: what are you doing?
whistle: turbocharger.
witch doctor: a person in a primitive society who uses magic to treat sickness and to fight off evil spirits
Wizard of Menlo Park: Thomas Alva Edison
whooff: generally describes a supercharger leaving the engine during engine failure.
whoopti: a full size 4-door passenger car lowered over top of polished 22" mag wheels and narrow sidewall tires. (see banana boat) (see Axiom "If it don't go, chrome it.")
wigged out: freaked out.
Willys Knight: an automobile built before the Dim Time. (see Dim Time)
window: a rod-shaped hole in an engine block.
Windy City: Chicago.
winged sprints: a pre-outlaw sprint car sporting a 6 x 6 wing during the crossover time from USAC sprints to World of Outlaw sprints.
wingit: warp speed without concern of positive direction.  when one wing of an airplane touches another.
wire wheel: cleans rust off old bolts and then throws them somewhere under the workbench at the speed of light.
witchcraft: manipulation/intimidation/domination.
wizard: a master of acclaimed trade. (see mohachon)
wobbly: anomaly on the funk.  (see anomaly)
WOO Sprint: fastest dirt car in the world. (see WOO)
WOO: World of Outlaws. (Sprint cars)
wood alcohol (methanol): a substance distilled from many substances including wood by-products.
woolly booger: a packing peanut.
wrench: a master mechanic.  not to be confused with Mr. Goodwrench.
wrist pin lock (tru arc): wrist pin locks are c-shaped, always face the snap ring lock ears towards the crankshaft. (see wrist pin lock (spirolock)
wrist pin lock (spirolock): spirolocks are made of high tensile steel flatwire wrapped twice to form a circle. standard (tru arc) pin locks fail under duress, bust and fall out, messing up the cylinder wall. A must in high compression/high rpm engines.
X-rox: Xerox.
xanthophobia: the fear of yellow.
yano: yes, no, which, answer now.
yard and a half: 150.00 dollars
your tax dollars at work: any and all city safety equipment, for many years, assembled in parades & flashed before your very eyes.
ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate): an oil additive crucial to the life of an internal combustion engine using flat tappet style camshafts, non roller rocker arms or non roller overhead cam followers. if you are using SJ, SM, or newer type engine oils in a pre-1990 or pre-obd ll engine, you need ZDDP as an additive or you will destroy your engine.
zealot: a person emphatic about a cause irrespective of the direction it takes them.  no reasoning power left.  over the edge.
Zeke: the one before omega.
zinger: injected engine, lightweight rotating assembly, no balancer, no flywheel.  internal neutral balance.
zoolink: captain of the menagerie.
zoot: maximum. (see high zoot)
zyglo: a crack checking process using flouro dyes and black light to verify the integrity of steel and exotic metals where magnetic field "parts checking" is not possible because of size or location.

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